Kitesurfing on Sicily at Lo Stagnone

Holiday in Sicily with relaxed family vibes on the only sandy beach of the Kitelagune Lo Stagnone at KBC Sicily.

Relaxed family vibes on the only sandy beach of the Lo Stagnone kite lagoon.

The Lo Stagnone Lagoon in Sicily's west, between Trapani and Marsala, is Europe's largest shallow water area, which magically attracts kitesurfers from all over Europe from April to November. The lagoon, which is about 7 km long, is completely shallow, the region is absolutely wind-safe and almost all directions are kiteable. For six years, the KBC Sicily centre has been located here in the north of the lagoon. The bumpy gravel road leading to the lagoon does not give you an idea of what a magical kite paradise opens up at its end: Here you will find the only sandy beach on the entire lagoon. At the beginning of 2021, the new, permanent KBC Centre was built on this spot - a modern kite centre with bar and terrace and probably the most beautiful beach on the lagoon - called "Lido" in Italy.

The kite beach of dreams in Europe's largest shallow water area

The huge, shallow lagoon of Lo Stagnone offers advantages for kitesurfers of all levels. In the south and middle of the lagoon, i.e. in the downwind area of the centre, it can get really crowded in the high season, which makes the upwind location of KBC Sicily a clear advantage. There is a lot of space on the water here - no one will get in your way so quickly. Especially for beginners, the lagoon, which is shallow throughout, offers ideal conditions. When launching, you can comfortably align kite and board while standing.

The smooth, undulating water makes kitesurfing comfortable. The bottom is sandy or loamy -– there are hardly any stones. You can always find a spot where there is enough space to practise tricks and manoeuvres undisturbed or just to go for a ride. Freestylers looking for mirror-smooth water will also find one of the numerous headlands behind which conditions are optimally smooth, just like the occasional prokiter who likes to train impressively here. Watching them always arouses great enthusiasm among the centre's guests.

Fantastic 300 kite wind days a year

The kitespot Lo Stagnone promises not only in theory, but actually about 300 kite wind days a year. This is due to Sicily's location in the Mediterranean: two wind systems, the extremely reliable Mistral wind from the north-western region of the Mediterranean and the Scirocco, the warm Sahara wind from Africa with a south-easterly direction. From April to November, the thermals on Sicily strengthen the winds, starting daily at early noon, which ensures a very high wind yield with particularly stable, constant, medium-strong winds from a northerly direction. With southerly winds, the wind becomes slightly gusty, but then also brings stronger winds around 25-30 knots. The forecasts from Windfinder and Windguru tend to be correct, but experience shows that there are usually 2-10 knots more. Even in spring the temperatures are already above 20°C, with similarly warm water temperatures – Sicily is not called the "sun island" without reason. Here you can find the current wind and weather forecast and more about wind statistics.

Learn to kite or improve your level at the KBC Kite Event

The KBC Event is particularly popular at the Kiteboarding Club: a week of intensive training for kitesurfers of all levels, six days with up to 5 hours a day of riding technique, training of new tricks and free practice time. After the sessions, a colourful programme of excursions and evening activities awaits. Even on windless days, the event continues with activities such as boat trips and hikes in nature parks.

The family kite centre on the only sandy beach of the lagoon

Station Manager Andi and the KBC Sicily team are overjoyed about the long-awaited permanent KBC Center, which was built in early 2021. There is plenty of space to set up on the wide, private sandy beach. At the centre, you can sit on the terrace or in the shade of the palm grove in beanbags, enjoy cool drinks and delicious Italian snacks and watch the colourful hustle and bustle of the kiters on the lagoon - in a pleasant, family atmosphere. There is free parking, a bathroom with toilet and shower, a reception with a small shop and distribution of F-ONE rental equipment, as well as the VDWS-certified KBC kite school. Book your kitesurf course safe and easy.

A guest at Villa Vajarassa

When Thomas Beckmann discovered this beautiful spot on Sicily in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the kite spot on the Lo Stagnone, he met Salvatore Marino by chance – the beginning of a productive collaboration. Salvatore invited the KBC team to his old, dormant vineyard Villa Baglio Vajarassa in the middle of the vineyards and olive groves not far from the lagoon. 300 years ago, the Marino family of winegrowers cultivated vines here, surrounded by their 6 hectares or so of vineyards around Via Vajarassa, named after the Marinos' pet name, the "wealthy family".

The ground floor of Villa Vajarassa, about 200 years old, was once the home of the hired workers who helped in the vineyard. Later, around 1900, the house was extended with a first floor and the family itself lived in the villa and produced here mainly the so typical dry Grillo wine. In the 90s, wine production came to a halt. Grapes were still harvested, but from then on only oil was produced in the villa. The idea of converting the villa into a bed & breakfast was born.

As the KBC team stepped through the old rooms, over creaky floorboards, into picture-book bedrooms with lovingly embroidered blankets, onto Romeo and Juliet-like balconies and enjoyed the wonderful view from here over the vineyards to the Kitelagune, the vision of the Bed&Breakfast came - a house for kiters who want to immerse themselves in the history of the house and family atmosphere. A central place to live, dream and sleep.

With a lot of work, sweat and love, a wonderful house for guests was created. Much was left in its original state to preserve the charm that the old furniture exudes and all the stories they tell. In a second phase of renovation in 2020, Salvatore also extended the old barn and created more particularly exclusive rooms. Each room is unique, because with great attention to detail, found objects from the winery, wonderful details as witnesses of the bygone era of winegrowing, were integrated into the modern architecture.

Villa Vajarassa is now the perfect accommodation for a kitesurfing holiday in Sicily. Here, even after kitesurfing, you will feel connected to the KBC guests and the team - family connection, that is. Marsala, the small town with a picturesque old town and many restaurants and shops, is only 15 minutes away. The nearest restaurant is about 10 minutes away and one of the best ice cream parlours is only about 5 minutes away.

There are cosy corners to relax in the villa: in the living room in front of the fireplace, in the reading room, in the hammock under the large trees in the courtyard with free wifi or on the roof terrace with a unique view of the lagoon and the sunset. You stay in one of the numerous single, double or family rooms, some with balcony or roof terrace access. In the morning, a delicious breakfast buffet according to Central European standards awaits you: fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli, Italian bread, cheese, cold cuts, salami and sweet spreads in the breakfast room or outside. In the evening, people meet at the long table in the idyllic inner courtyard.

Local wines

Today Salvatore has taken up wine growing again. Baglio Vajarassa has its own wine, produced naturally from the grapes of the vines that grow around the property. You can taste all the wines on site - Salvatore's wine tastings are essential. In addition, there are often BBQs with local, fresh fish or beach parties at the kite station - with caution and consideration for the current pandemic, of course.

La Dolce Vita

Team KBC Sicily feels completely at home at Lo Stagnone, loves the Italian food and culture and the friendly, helpful nature of the locals. There is an unbelievably familiar atmosphere in the restaurants, bars and accommodation. Especially those who have already stayed as guests at Villa Vajarassa will understand this. The mood of the Sicilians is usually very exuberant - and that is infectious. Instead of spending the evenings on the couch, people go out into town with the whole family in the evening, for an aperitivo together and then dinner. Of course, the sunny weather also contributes to the good mood. However, one had to get used to the Mediterranean temperatures first, as the team - mostly from northern Germany - was not used to it.

Living and working in Sicily

Jonny, the previous station manager of KBC Sicily, came to Sicily with his camper a year and a half ago and enjoys the carefree life on the island. In his free time, he likes to explore the island. So kite instructor Sinja and he also experienced an eruption of the volcano Etna in eastern Sicily live on site, which made a lasting impression on them. On the day of the eruption, there was no wind and the sky was a brilliant blue. On the ground, there was still a thick layer of ash rain from the eruption days before. The fantastic weather and clear visibility attracted some locals to the foot of the huge volcano. It sounded like a sinister thunder rumble in the distance and a kilometre-high column of smoke rose from the crater. During the active phase, the path to the crater is closed, but otherwise impressive tours are offered with off-road buses in summer or the cable car in winter up to the crater, but for the safety of the guests always only with a guided tour. The view from the top is phenomenal.

Activities and excursions in Sicily

The most beautiful activity at Lo Stagnone is of course kiting in the beautiful shallow water lagoon. But there is also a lot to experience on windless days. Sicily offers a lot of culture, beaches and mountains - there is something for everyone. Inga's favourite leisure activities include cliff jumping, bolting and climbing in San Vito Lo Capo, hiking and swimming at Monte Cofano or going around the island of Favignana by motorboat, where you can do some great snorkelling.

The region around Marsala

Sicily is characterised by agriculture and fishing. The main source of income is also tourism, which still exists here in its original form, i.e. no bed castles, but simple rustic architecture. The Italian island awaits with an enormous cultural wealth. Its eventful history has left impressive traces: Heirlooms of the Greek and Arab cultures that once made their home here await interested visitors. You should not miss a tour - either by car or cable car) to the picturesque mountain village of Erice. Those interested in culture should also definitely visit Syracuse, Segesta and Selinunte. The Greek Theatre in Siracusa was once considered the largest theatre in ancient Greece.

A tour to the hot springs

The hot springs are a great place to visit on windless days or to relax after a day of kiting. They are about 40 minutes by car from Marsala and the drive there alone is worth the trip. The landscape in Sicily is simply indescribably beautiful and even on longer drives there is always something to see. When you arrive at the hot springs, you first walk along a small path, cross a small stream and then, after about 10 minutes of walking, you find a kind of pool with pleasantly warm, steaming water. A few metres further on, there is a small cave that resembles a sauna due to the rising steam. And if you want to do your skin some good, you can get some mud from the pools and rub it on. It's a very pleasant feeling, but the smell takes some getting used to. Inga recommends a trip to the hot springs, especially at the beginning and end of the season, as it is almost too warm for that in the high season. But even just walking through the Natural Spa is a dream - and the entrance is free.

A boat trip to the island of Favignana

On warm, windless summer days, the KBC team likes to cool off with a boat trip to the island of Favignana. If you want to go by boat yourself, you can hire motorised inflatable boats of up to 40 hp without a licence. There is also a public ferry service. On the island, you can spend a relaxing day diving, snorkelling or swimming in the turquoise waters, hiking or just lying on the beach.

Kitesurfing in Sicily - Resumé

If you appreciate shallow water and a safe kite spot and are also looking for dolce vita on a wonderful sandy beach, KBC Sicily is the right place for you. It is also the perfect place to combine a kite holiday with a summer holiday, which is also very interesting and varied for non-kiters. A wonderful destination for all those who love to discover places that still have their natural charm and are not exploited for tourism. Learn more about kitesurf holidays at KBC Sicily and Villa Vajarassa.

Kitesurfing in Sicily at a glance

  • perfect kiting area due to huge standing areas with shallow water
  • easy kite conditions
  • great wind yield with more than 300 kite wind days per year
  • professional VDWS-licensed kite school
  • courses for beginners and advanced and events
  • quality equipment with kites and boards from F-ONE
  • Nice activities: SUP, boat trips, excursions, culture
  • Interesting excursions and sights
  • Social evenings and wine tastings at the vill
  • Beautiful accommodation at Villa Vajarassa

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