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Welcome to sunny sicily and the island’s kiting paradise of Lo Stagnone

Lo Stagnone Kiteschool KBC rental and shop

Our new center is just being set up. Follow us on Instagram.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at LoStagnone! If there are corona-related travel restrictions that make a visit impossible, we will refund booked course and rental fees.

Season: 10th of April until November 1st

In Sicily, a fabulous practice spot awaits you, with a huge shallow area, excellent wind conditions and Mediterranean temperatures. You’ll learn how to kitesurf in water that only comes up to your hips – if that – and with lots of space for your first attempts. Kitesurfers who rent or have their own equipment need a Kitesurf License (VDWS or IKO) with at least VDWS Level 4 (official Coast Guard regulations).
When its time for a break, our mobile station is right on the spot and ideal for relaxation. For accommodation, may we suggest the rustic Villa Vajarassa, a renovated winery surrounded by vineyards, perfect for evening get-togethers with kindred spirits at the long table in the courtyard. We recommend hiring a car for greater mobility and exploring the colourful life of Sicily that lies beyond the world of kitesurfing.

There’s so much to discover: old towns with idyllic bays perfect for bathing, wineries, highly recommended local wines and Italian cuisine.

See you soon in Bella Italia!

Jonny & Inga
Station manager & office

Jonny and Inga, center manager at KBC Sicily

La Dolce Vita on the shallow watercourse


waterstart exercises at kitebeach Lo Stagnone in Sicily

Basic Course

Our teaching philosophy aims to enable all students to practice safely on their own after the course, with both kite and board.
The Basic Course is the best choice for you, if you haven't done a kitesurf course yet.

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Kitesurfer in Lo Stagnone Sicily

Advanced Course

When you already have some kite experience and at the same time master the theory, this advanced course is a good choice for you.

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Two kitesurfer in Lo Stagnone in Sicily

Individual Training

An experienced instructor will teach you the tricks of the trade. He will help you in no time to achieve your goal safely.

  • Private training for kiters of all levels
  • Training for kids (unfortunately only from 14 years)
  • Riding technique tips
  • Manoeuvres and freestyle tricks
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Kitesurf event group at kitebeach Lo Stagnone

Kite Events

The KBC kite-event consists of a week of lessons taught by our professional and licensed VDWS- instructors. The event offers you a wide range of activities and targets kiters of all levels: beginners, intermediates and even experienced kiters.

Unluckily we offer the KBC Kite Event only in German language.

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Rental Gear

Rental equipment

  • kites: F-ONE Bandit 2020 and S in sizes from 7m² to 14m²
  • boards: F-ONE freestyle and freeride boards Next, Big One and Trax in different sizes
  • Seat harness from ION (XS to XXL)
  • Waist Harness Eclipse and Exo from MANERA (XS to XXL)
  • Wetsuits Prolimit and Mysticin (from XS to XXL)
  • Impact Protective Vest and helmet Prolimit (from XS to XL) (While kitesurfing mandatory!)

Please reserve in advance to ensure that you always have the equipment you need even if you have to switch several times a day. A licence corresponding to VDWS licence level 3 is required in order to hire gear.

Rental prices & booking

Equipment leihen

You’ll find our F-ONE material pool in the Kite Centre, right on the kite beach.

Reserve in advance to ensure that you always have the equipment you need even if you have to switch several times a day. A licence corresponding to VDWS licence level 4 (independent riding and going upwind safe) is required in order to hire gear and you should be 14 or older (Arrangement of the commune).

Please visit us at the kite spot to check in the first day of your holiday.

Rental price & booking

Test & Buy

Maybe you’d like to purchase your own kite gear but aren’t quite sure what to choose? That’s no problem at all. We’ll be happy to advise you, and you can also try out our gear for yourself: you can test everything for up to 30 minutes at no charge: we sell F-ONE kites and boards in gently used and top condition, as well as new harnesses from MANERA.

Just let us know – we’ll be happy to advise you! 

Ask us about testing gear on-site.


Zingaro Nature reserve

Sicily’s first nature reserve is situated only around 10 km from San Vito lo Capo. Small, pristine bays with turquoise blue water invite you to swim or sunbathe. And don’t miss out on the 7 km hiking route along the north coast. Book your adventure on site.

picturesque bay in Sicily

Wine, local delicacies and song

Spend an evening with us at the Agriturismo Baglio Fontanasalsa winery and indulge in the local specialities featured on their 7-course tasting menu: olives from their own groves, a variety of oils, fennel-scented sausage... and fine regional wines to lubricate your vocal chords, because it’s nearly time to start singing... Book your experience on site.

A cosy evening in the winery

Centre Profile

Kitebeach & spot

The Kiteboarding Club is located at Europe’s largest shallow water area. The vast, shallow lagoon of Lo Stagnone is perfect for kitesurfers of all levels: here, you have lots and lots of room on the water. No worries about getting in someone’s way! When you start, you can easily adjust your kite and board from a standing position. The smooth, calm water means comfortable kitesurfing and ideal conditions for novices, intermediate kitesurfers and freestylers. The subsoil is sandy or loamy – and there are practically no stones at all.

Most of the time (70%) there is a constant wind coming in from the north-west (sideshore on our beach) and it is thermally reinforced – the termico. However, the lagoon works in all other wind directions as well and offers around 200 kiting days per year.

If you like to kitesurf with your own gear, you need to pay a little service- and beach use fee.

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Your kitesurf holidays at KBC Sicily

In Sicily there is a top practice area with a huge standing area, a high wind yield and mediterranean temperatures. You will learn kitesurfing with a maximum of deep water and plenty of room for your first driving attempts. In the breaks you relax at our mobile station directly at the spot.

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Parties & events

Once a week we have a Kiters’ Night – a festive evening at the Villa Vajarassa. We’ll give you on-site information about other activities, such as BBQ evenings in the summer and cinema nights. You’ll also find some great restaurants and bars in the vicinity and in Marsala.

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food & drink

If you’re staying at Villa Vajarassa, you can look forward to a delicious breakfast buffet every morning: fresh fruit, yoghurt, Italian bread, cheese, sausage, salami and sweet spreads.

At lunchtime we recommend the restaurants and cafes on the lagoon or the bar Ristorante Da Saro (about 5 minutes by car). There you get a good coffee, as well as panino, pasta and sweets. In the Hotel Santa Maria (500m) you get snacks, e.g. Sandwiches and Sicilian Arancini di Riso.

In the evening, we recommend local restaurants, wineries or a barbecue with the KBC team at Villa Vajarassa.

One absolute must is original Italian ice cream from Gelateria F.lli Caito, located near the Villa, or from Gelateria del Cassaro in Via XI Maggio in Marsala. A hot tip: Dark Chocolate.

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Camping with a motorhome or caravan right on the lagoon is not possible. In Marsala, however, there is the campsite "Lilybeo Village" or in the north of the lagoon very close to the kitespot (about 5 minutes drive away) the campsite "Association Club Nautisub".

Bed & Breakfast / Agricultural Do you want to live typical Sicilian in a rustic atmosphere with other kite surfers and at the same time do not miss the quality of a Central European bed and breakfast? Then he lives the Kitervilla Vajarassa in the middle of the vineyards, about 15 minutes drive from the kitespot, but within walking distance to the lagoon. 

Accommodation booking


Sicily’s economy has a focus on agriculture and fishing. Tourism is another significant source of income, but here you’ll still find it in its original form —in other words, not over-development but simple, rustic architecture in a region inhabited by a proud, spirited people. This Italian island awaits the interested visitor with a amazing wealth of culture: its eventful history has left impressive traces of Greek and Arab culture from ages past. The far west of Sicily is extremely scenic. Sun-deprived Northern Europeans look forward to spring, which arrives very early here: the almond trees burst into bloom in late February and the hills are transformed into glowing orange groves. Nature lovers will certainly not be disappointed. The region is particularly noted for its chequered salt pans. Here, the sea water evaporates and crystallises into “white gold”.

  • Hire SUPs at the station
  • Indulge in a 7-course tasting menu at the winery and sample wines and typical Sicilian delicacies.
  • Visit the idyllic, emerald bays north of Trapani.
  • Go on an excursion (by car or by cable car) to the picturesque mountain village of Erice.
  • Take a boat tour to the island of Favignana, well worth the visit for its gorgeous beaches and bays. You can also go diving here.
  • A boat tour to Isola di Mothia in the kiting lagoon, a visit to the excavation site and to the museum.
  • Spend a day at the Puzziteddu surf beach and its white sand.
  • Visit Palermo: the historic district with museums, old palaces, street markets and Sicilian flair. Highlights: Capella Pallatina, Cattedrale di Palermo, Teatro Massimo and the Botanical Garden.
  • A stroll through the town of Trapani (20 minutes by car from the Kite Centre)
  • A stroll through the town of Marsala (15 minutes by car from Villa Vajarassa): San Tomaso Cathedral, the Archaeological Museum, rustic restaurants and the fish market (noted for its nightlife in the evenings)
  • The natural hot springs in Alcamo (approximately 40 minutes by car)
  • Hire bicycles or kayaks in San Vito Lo Capo and explore the area, with wine tasting opportunities not far away.
  • The region to the north-east of Trapani (San Vito lo Capo) is a well-known climbing area.
  • If you’re interested in culture, be sure to visit Syracuse, Segesta and Selinunte. The Greek Theatre of Syracuse was once considered the greatest theatre of Greek antiquity.

And we have lots of other suggestions too.

We’ll be happy to advise you on-site.

The mobile Centre

KBC Sicily is located right on the kite beach. At present, it is still a mobile station – with a permanent station in the planning stages. Check back here for updates on the progress of construction work. On windy days, our mobile station will be waiting for you at our beautiful kite spot with the black F-ONE tent, the large yellow KBC bus (storage), a trailer with an office and drinks, the green carpet for start and landing, our KBC teaching team and information on our KBC events. Here you find our shop with Neoprene wear, shoes, caps, Lycra wear, sunglasses, sunscreen and kite leggings.

Kitesurfers who borrow or have their own equipment need a Kitesurf License (VDWS or IKO) with at least VDWS Level 4 (official Coast Guard regulations).

All kitesurfers, who want to kitesurf at our private beach need to pay a small service- /beach use fee, which includes:

  • Access to our private kite beach
  • Our professional teaching team will be happy to answer any questions.
  • Shaded area at the tent
  • Free parking at the spot
Book services & use of the beach

Where to find us on the beach

You’ll find us north of Villa Birgi / Heron’s Bay / Santa Maria, directly on the water. You’ll recognise our kite spot by the black F-ONE tent, our yellow KBC bus, the green carpet, the red KBC flags and the F-ONE Bandits. You’ll recognise our team by their red Lycra shirts (ISTRUTTORE DIE KITESURF) with the KBC logo; our Event students wear neon green Lycra shirts.

And here we are on Google Maps:

Please wear a helm- & life vest

Wearing a helmet and lifejacket is mandatory at the lagoon of Lo Stagnone since this season. The rental package includes helmet and lifejacket from now on. Kitesurfers with their own equipment can borrow helmet and vest for 8 € / day from us.

In case of control and failure to comply with the new rule, there's a penalty of 140 € -1050 €.

Please pay attention to this information:

Sea Anemones – we recommend leggins

In the lagoon of Lo Stagnone there are occasional sea anemones during the summer months. These are flower-living flower animals, with a tubular body with a sticky disc at the bottom. In contact with human skin, they can cause local skin irritation with redness and swelling of the skin in very sensitive people. The nettles tingle easily, in a few cases it burns something. Fenistil gel helps here. Or you are careful and wear straight: We recommend a long-legged thin wetsuit or in summer neoprene / Lycra leggings.

You can also buy these in our shop on site.

Checklist for Sicily

Don’t forget:

  • Your passport.
  • Swimwear
  • Flip flops, beach sandals
  • Sport sunglasses with a strap, preferably polarised
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Insect repellent (summer months only)
  • Lycra leggings (thin Neoprene leggings to protect your legs from sea anemones (in the summer months if you don’t wear Neoprene, but not everyone reacts to these small nettles).

Things you’ll need but can rent or buy locally:

  • Waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF (from our onlineshop)
  • Life vest and helmet (or rent at KBC for 8€/day)
  • UV protection clothing, e.g. a Lycra shirt
  • Neoprene shoes (or from the KBC Sicily shop)
  • A long Neoprene suit
  • Sockets have three holes (unfortunately, the distance between the outer holes is not standardised) – with a bit of luck, a Central European plug might fit; otherwise we can lend you adapters for Villa Vajarassa.

Things you can leave at home:

  • Your kite pump – we have a good supply of hand-operated pumps for all popular types of valve  

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!

Wind & Weather

Wind Forecast

Current wind data by windyapp.co.

Wind & Weather

Most of the time (70%), the wind comes in from the north-west. That is sideshore on our beach. In addition, it is thermally reinforced. However, the lagoon works in all other wind directions as well and is independent of the tides. Windfinder and Windguru weather forecasts are generally correct, but based on our experience, there are usually 2-10 more knots of wind here. The windiest months are from April until late November. In July and August, there is a thermal wind starting at noon every day.

Wind statistics KBC Sicily in Italy

Detaillierte Vorhersage und Tide

Aktueller Wind und Vorhersage von windyapp.co.



Day of arrival
Daily Flights KBC Sicily can be reached quickly, easily (it’s only around two hours from Germany or Switzerland, for instance) and inexpensively:

Trapani Airport (only 10 minutes by car to the spot): From Frankfurt-Hahn, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden and Brussels Charleroi (with Ryanair)

Palermo Airport (one hour by car to the spot) From Berlin-Schönefeld, Düsseldorf-Weeze, Memmingen and Nuremberg -> Trapani (with Ryanair) ...and other airports with Lufthansa and Swissair.

Catania Airport (a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the spot – may be combined with a return trip) Berlin-Schönefeld -> Catania (with Ryanair) ...and other airports with Lufthansa and Swissair.

We’ll find the most attractive travel package for you.


We will be happy to arrange for you to be picked up from the airport or for your return transfer to the airport; this service is provided by another company. The price is per car (please note the maximum number of persons and luggage) and according to distance. The car is air-conditioned. The driver will wait for you if you are delayed.

Arrival transfer: The driver from our reliable transfer service (a certified third-party provider) will be waiting for you at the bar located at the airport exit. He will be holding a sign with our logo and will drive you directly to your accommodation.

For the return trip, you can be picked up at KBC, Villa Vajarassa or at the hotel of your choice. Please let us know your preference beforehand.

Airport Transfers

Palermo Airport Transfer by car (One Way)
Airport Transfer by car (One Way) from Airport Palermo to Lo Stagnone OR from Lo Stagnone to Airport Palermo.
120,00 € Book
Airport Transfer by car (One Way)
Airport Transfer by car (One Way) from Airport Trapani to Lo Stagnone OR from Lo Stagnone to Airport Trapani.
45,00 € Book
Airport Transfer by mini bus (One Way)
Airport Transfer by mini bus (One Way) from Airport Trapani to Lo Stagnone OR from LoStagnone to Airport Trapani.
55,00 € Book
Palermo Airport Transfer by mini bus (One Way)
Palermo Airport Transfer by mini bus (One Way) from Airport Palermo to Lo Stagnone OR from Lo Stagnone to Airport Palermo.
150,00 € Book

Rental cars

For getting around in Sicily, we strongly recommend a rental car. This gives you greater mobility and independence and makes it easy to explore the colourful life of Sicily that lies beyond the world of kitesurfing.

You can book your rental car through us; make advance reservations here (Link: www.rentalcars.com/de/airport/it/tps/sicily-by-car/) or hire a car at the airport. Prices for rental cars vary according to season. www.rentalcars.com/de/airport/it/tps/sicily-by-car/

Local public transport is available, but often runs off schedule and is unreliable.

Taxis are very expensive, unfortunately, and not always available.


Accomodation in Sicily

Villa Baglio Vajarassa in Sicily

Villa Vajarassa
During your stay at KBC Sicily and for KBC Sicily Kite Events, you’ll lodge at Baglio Vajarassa. After a day of kitesurfing, you can get together with other KBC guests and the team. And in the evenings, we meet up at the long table in the idyllic inner courtyard of the villa.

Learn more about Villa Vajarassa


Our guests say...

Saskia at KBC Sicily

"I had a really great, fun and wonderful time at KBC Sicily! The kite instructors train with a lot of patience and take intensive time. It was really a lot of fun and I can only recommend it to everybody!"

Professional Basic Course

Tim at KBC Sicily

"I had a really awesome time at the KBC Sicily. The team are bunch of great and funny guys and when it comes to kiting they have a lot of knowledge to help advancing your technique. Even when it comes to jumping and doing tricks, nearly every teacher knows how to help you reaching new levels you wouldn’t expect before your trip."

Private trick training

Silvia at KBC Sicily

"It was my first visit to KBC Sicily and I am absolutely thrilled. Super nice people in a relaxed atmosphere. I learned to kite and I will definitely come back here again! Thanks for the great time and see you next year at the latest!

Kitesurf lessons


Ask the team

Station manager Jonny and office manager Inga will gladly answer your questions about the center, the spot and the actions on site. They also have detailed insider knowledge about the region.

Send an email.

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