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Welcome to our kiting centre in Morocco: KBC Dakhla

F-ONE Kiteschool KBC in Dakhla - rental, courses and service with hotel
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KBC Dakhla is open!
We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Season: open year-round

Dakhla awaits you with a huge kite spot – ideal for beginners and sure to be windy: the wind stats promise 320 kiting days per year. The peninsula and lagoon, which separate us from the Atlantic, are a kitesurfer’s dream – but until now, the focus was on kiting holidays and not on accompanying family members and evening activities after the kiting session. That’s all changed now. At KBC Dakhla, you’ll find a cosily furnished bungalow complex with luxurious amenities including a freshwater pool, hamam and gym.

And there’s always something going on at our beach bar in the afternoons and evenings. The kiting centre is centrally located—right next to the hotel, right on the spot. And it has everything you could wish for: professional instructors, the very latest in F-ONE equipment and the top quality you expect from KBC.

See you soon at the Kite Oasis


Rida Dhamani station manager KBC Dakhla

Wind in the desert: A magical sensation

Kitesurfing instruction

beginners level lessons at KBC Dakhla

beginners level

In our beginners’ course, you will learn the theoretical principles of kitesurfing and then practise the most important elements in a group of 2-6 learners. Our philosophy of sustainable training should enable each participant to use the kite and board independently – and above all, safely – after completing the course.

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Kitesurfing in Dakhla's lagoon

Intermediate/ advanced level

Have you already completed a Basic Course? Then you’re all set for the next step: targeted training for the perfect water start and practical, safe riding technique.

Prices & Booking
One-on-one instruction at KBC Dakhla

One-on-one instruction

An experienced kite instructor is at your side to safely guide you step by step, bringing you closer to your goal:

  • Private training for kitesurfers of all levels
  • Tips on riding technique
  • Manoeuvres and freestyle tricks
  • Courses for kids (from age 10)
  • Introduction to waveboarding
  • Introduction to foil kitesurfing
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Kite event students at KBC Dakhla

KBC Kitesurf Events

At a KBC Kiting Event powered by Kitecity, you will spend a week under the professional guidance and coaching of our teaching team. These events are designed for all kitesurfers – from absolute beginners with no previous experience through intermediate and advanced levels – and include a varied social programme.

Unluckily we offer the event only in German language.

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Wingfoil Course

Learn wingfoil

Wingfoiling is the new, incredible way to glide over the water, almost to float - an absolutely new feeling of locomotion. ...and easy to learn. But even with this sport, you should definitely take a professional course beforehand. Here you will learn the basics for a successful start in wingfoiling quickly, sustainably and above all safely.

More about Wingfoiling

Wingfoil Course

The Wing Foil Basic Course is the perfect way to learn to wing foil professionally and safely. In 1-2 days, you will learn everything you need to know about wing foiling step by step in theory and practice in a small group of 2-4 people with premium equipment from F-ONE. If you prefer to learn in private lessons, book the Wingfoil private training.

All Wingfoil Courses

equipment rental


  • 60 kites kites from F-ONE in all sizes from 5 m² to 14 m²
  • 30 boards from F-ONE – all current F-ONE beginner, freestyle and surfboard models in all sizes
  • Foil Kiteboards from F-ONE
  • SUP-Boards
  • Harnesses Seat harnesses (Prolimit and Mystic) and waist harnesses (Manera) in sizes XS to XL
  • Neoprene suits (Prolimit and Mystic) in sizes XS to XXL

Reserve in advance to ensure that you always have the equipment you need even if you have to switch several times a day. A licence corresponding to VDWS licence level 4 is required in order to hire gear.

Rental fees & booking

Wingfoil Equipment Rental

At KBC Dakhla, you can rent first-class F-ONE wingfoil equipment from the centre directly at the kite beach. Book in advance and you will always have the right equipment, even if you have to change several times a day.

To rent, you need a licence that corresponds to the VDWS licence level 5.


Wingfoil Rental

Test & Buy

Maybe you’d like to purchase your own kite gear but aren’t quite sure what to choose? That’s no problem at all. We’ll be happy to advise you, and you can also try out our gear for yourself: you can test everything for up to 30 minutes at no charge: we sell F-ONE kites and boards in gently used and top condition, as well as new harnesses from MANERA. Just let us know – we’ll be happy to advise you!

Ask us about testing gear on-site.

Specials at KBC Dakhla

a touch of luxury in the desert

Stay in the modern bungalow directly on the spot, relax in the freshwater pool or let yourself be spoiled in the hamam. More about the Dakhla Club Hotel.

Hotel Dakhla Club


Learn this fascinating new sport in a five-hour basic course or in private lessons in the perfect spot at KBC Dakhla. All Wingfoil courses

Wingfoil at KBC Dakhla

Centre Profile

Kite Beach & spot

KBC Dakhla is a really convenient spot: the Centre lies directly on the kite lagoon and right at your Dakhla Club Hotel. From the Centre, it’s only a short walk to the water: 50 m (at high tide) or 140 m (at low tide). The 100 m² set-up area and the compressor are located here, which means you can start as soon as you’ve finished setting up and you’re only a few minutes away from the water. The spot itself is a lagoon – around 40 km long and 4 km wide – formed by the Dakhla peninsula, which extends into the Atlantic. Close to the bank, the water is flat. A small wind wave forms in the centre of the lagoon – perfect for practising directional jumps. At high tide, you have a standing range that extends up to 300 m all around the lagoon. At low tide, this strip is somewhat reduced, but can still be used thanks to the 1 km latitude to the windward side. The ground is extremely fine sand. Nonetheless, we recommend wearing neoprene shoes, since bits of shell are hidden at various points along the beach. At low tide, this area is partially dry and it’s just a few metres to the water’s edge.

In a northerly direction (windward), the spot is nearly boundless (1 km) and you can cruise without running out of space. All in all, it’s hard to picture a more perfect all-round spot for beginners, advanced or pro-level kitesurfers looking for smooth water. And if you’re a foil kitesurfer, the conditions couldn’t be better: near the water with a direct deep start, soft ground, sufficiently deep water and kilometre after kilometre of space in the lagoon.

Wave enthusiasts can head for the wave spots on the Atlantic side of the peninsula. Here, the wind blows constantly, side to side onshore and generally a few knots lower than inside the lagoon. Even in the summer, the break is over 2 m high and in the winter it can rise far higher than that. Ask at the Centre about excursions to the wave spots, and we will arrange a guided trip to ensure your safety in the waves.

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In addition to ideal kitesurfing conditions, KBC Dakhla also offers a great leisure programme with various options:

  • Paddling through the lagoon with the SUP (from the KBC rental office)
  • Relaxing in the hotel’s freshwater pool or in the hamam
  • The hotel's sports program e.g. Bocce, Water Gymnastics, Aqua Cycling, Stretching, Bike Tours, Sunset Hikes and more
  • Keeping fit in the hotel gym with professional equipment
  • Here regular fitness and yoga classes take place (currently for a fee).
  • Boat trip
  • City tour to Dakhla
  • Visit to the hot springs We’ll be happy to advise you on-site.
We’ll be happy to advise you on-site.


In addition to kite surfing, you can keep fit in the hotel's freshwater swimming pool or in the fitness room. The gym is equipped with professional equipment and is also available for free. Here regular fitness and yoga classes take place (currently for a fee). Here you have a wonderful view of the lagoon.

Hotel Dakhla Club

Wingfoil at KBC Dakhla

Learn the fascinating way to hover over the water.

Wingfoil Course

SUP rental

If you’re interested in stand up paddling, you can rent a board from us. The paddle and neoprene suit are included. Just ask at the reception desk or in the rental office.

Wende dich vor Ort einfach an die Rezeption, bzw. den Verleih.

Downwind Trip to the White Dune

Join the 20 km downwind trip, accompanied by 1-2 experienced guides to the "White Dune" of Dakhla. Brave kitesurfer dare to jump from the about 8 meter high dunes. Our all-wheel pickup will bring us back to the centre.
This trip is only available for advanced kitesurfer (VDWS level 5 or more). We won’t have a rescueboat with us, as the water is too shallow at some parts of the way. Downwind kitesurfing to the white dune requires high tide and wind from north, as the dune should be sourrounded by water. The excursion takes place from a minimum of 3 participants. It’s 35€ per person.

Sign in at the KBC reception.

Trip "Wave Spot"

With our all-wheel pick-up truck, we drive about 25 min to Dakhla's Wellenspot. The waves are moderate and break clean on a sandy ground, so ideal for beginners in the wave, but also interesting for advanced kitesurfer. An experienced guide accompanies you and gives you tips for kitesurfing in the wave. At the Wellenspot the wind is tendencially somewhat less than at the lagoon. We only drive when there are 25 knots and more at our center. We need to check the hight of the waves before we leave to avoid surprises. The spot is a deepwater spot and we won’t have a rescueboat with us. So the excursion is only suitable for advanced kitesurfers (VDWS-level 5-6). It’s 35€ per person.

Sign in at the KBC reception.

Speedspot Dakhla

Join us in our four-wheel drive car (about 25 minutes) to the famous speed spot of Dakhla. Shallow water awaits you – ideal for practicing freestyle tricks or speeding.

The excursion takes place from a minimum of 3 participants. It’s only possible at lowtide and wind from north. The spot is a deepwater spot and we won’t have a rescueboat with us. So the prerequisite for participation is safe riding, relaunch, waterstart in deep water, selfrescue and at least VDWS kitesurf licence level 5. The group is accompanied by at least one kitesurf instructor. It’s 20€ per person.

Book on site

Trip "Surfing"

Join us with our all-wheel car to the wave spot (25 minutes). The waves are moderate and break clean, the ground is soft and sandy – ideal to learn surfing. We also recommend the tour to children. An experienced guide accompanies you and gives you tips for surfing. We offer the trip only on no-wind-days and once at least 3 participants are logged. It's 40 € per person. The surfboard rental is included.

Please book on site.

Station & Services

KBC Dakhla is situated right next to the hotel and on the kite beach – just 30 metres from the hotel reception desk. Our Centre has everything you need for a comfortable, safe kite holiday:

  • Storage boxes for your personal kite gear
  • A compressor in the large set-up area right at the Centre
  • Our experienced beach staff are on hand to help you launch and land your kite.
  • A life boat is ready to assist in the event that you run into difficulty in deep water.
  • At the end of your holiday you can wash your kites with fresh water in our kite washing system and then let them dry.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Lockers for valuables
  • Large changing cubicles
  • Showers and toilets
  • Our beach bar located directly at the Centre
  • The sun terrace with sun loungers and chairs for an incomparable view of the kite spot

If you’re travelling with a non-kiter, they are of course very welcome at KBC and can use all facilities free of charge.

Book services & storage


The KBC Dakhla has its own rescue boat. During the opening hours of the KBC Dakhla it is staffed by our experienced lifeboat driver who will help you if you ever have a problem in deep water. The service is included in the product "Service & Storage" as well as in the course and rental price.

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For your KBC Dakhla holiday, you’ll be staying at the Dakhla Club Hotel. Your booking includes full board, and the hotel restaurant will serve you delicious local and international specialities three times a day. And in between, you can enjoy cool drinks at the beach bar, located right at the Centre.

More about Hotel Dakhla Club


The hotel also has a professional massage practice. Our massage team uses targeted sports massage to help prevent sore muscles after kiting and to relieve tension. Relaxing full body massages, professional foot reflexology and soothing aroma massages can be booked at the hotel. And for even more relaxation, visit the hotel’s hamam.

Hotel Dakhla Club.

Virtual Tour

Checklist for KBC Dakhla

Don’t forget:

  • Your passport. This must be valid for at least 6 months after the final day of travel.
  • Swimwear
  • Flip flops, beach sandals
  • Sport sunglasses with a strap, preferably polarised
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Electrical adapters for European Type C and E plugs.

Things you’ll need but can rent or buy in Dakhla:

Things you can leave at home:

  • Your kite pump – we have a compressor and hand-operated pump for all popular types of valve

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!

Wind, weather & tides

Measurement Data

KBC Dakhla measurement Data and forecasts by Windyapp.co.

Wind Information

Dakhla is an absolute wind sensation and brings us fantastic winds all year round! The trade winds that travel between the Canaries and Cape Verde during the summer and winter sweep over Dakhla throughout the year. As a result, it’s almost constantly windy here – an average of 320 days at around 15-22 knots. The north-east trade winds blow sideshore from the right and are further accelerated by the mountains in the interior, because the wind is funnelled through them.

A pleasant, soothing maritime climate awaits you, relatively dry and not too hot.


Dakhla wind statistics

high and low tide in the lagoon

The lagoon is around 40 km long and 4 km wide and is formed by the Dakhla peninsula, which extends into the Atlantic. For this reason, the water in the lagoon is also influenced by the tides:

At high tide, you have a standing range that extends up to 300 m all around the lagoon.

At low tide, this strip is somewhat reduced, but can still be used thanks to the 1 km latitude to the windward side. The ground is extremely fine sand. Nonetheless, we recommend wearing neoprene shoes, since bits of shell are hidden at various points along the beach. At low tide, this area is partially dry and it’s just a few metres to the water’s edge.



Day of arrival

Dakhla Airport is easy to get to, and Royal Air Maroc offers low-cost flights from Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam and Brussels. Flight time is around 6-8 hours. The distance from the airport to the KBC Centre is around 30 km (30 minutes by car).

Let us find the cheapest offer for you.


If you are staying at the Dakhla Club Hotel, the transfer service (a third-party provider) will be at the airport to collect you. The driver will wait for you at the Arrivals exit and will hold a sign with your name. He’ll transfer you and any kite gear you may have safely to the hotel. The journey takes around a half hour.

Hotel Dakhla Club

Hotel Dakhla Club

Hotel Dakhla Club directly at the kitespot at the lagoon

Your home away from home is the new, modern Dakhla Club Hotel, right on our kite spot. The hotel is located on the east side of the kite lagoon. It is integrated into the sand mountain, where it is protected from the wind and has a gorgeous view of the lagoon. You’ll discover that a kiting holiday in the desert can be quite luxurious as well. The hotel’s exclusive amenities – a large freshwater pool, hamam, massage and gym – will make your kite school/hotel package a unique experience on the lagoon.

Low season offer: (From November to March) 7 nights - pay 6 nights, or 14 nights - pay 12 nights (except Christmas and New Year's Eve).

Offer for children: Infants (0-4) stay free of charge when accompanied by their parents. Children (5-12) pay only 30%.


The complex has 53 rooms. These include double rooms in standard or deluxe bungalows or single rooms in standard or deluxe bungalows.

The hotel has a great offer for children: toddlers (0-4) live with their parents for free. Children (5-12) pay only 30%.

Please book for your own kitesurf material "Service / Storage", because the storage of your equipment in the room is not provided.


Your accommodation includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Water is free. Additional drinks for an extra charge. In between you can also enjoy cool drinks at the beach bar.

Standard Bungalow

The standard bungalow (28m²) can accommodate two people. It is modernly equipped and has a bathroom with separate toilet and walk-in shower, a small seating area and a private terrace. You book the bungalow as a double or a single room.

Deluxe Bungalow

The deluxe bungalow (37m²) offers plenty of space for two to three adults or two adults and up to two children. It is even closer to the beach and has a third bed. Another extra bed is possible. Otherwise, the equipment corresponds to the standard bungalow. You book the bungalow as a double or a single room.



You’ll stay in a well-equipped, contemporary bungalow, complete with a modern bathroom, satellite TV and your own patio. All bungalows are equipped with a new, modern bathroom with sink, walk-in shower and separate WC.


In the hotel you will find a professional massage practice. Our massage team, through targeted sports massages, prevents kinking and kinks. Relaxing full-body massages, professional foot reflexology, and soothing aromas can be booked comfortably on the spot. You can find even more relaxation in the hamam or in the small sauna of the hotel. These services are not included.

Advice & Booking

Book kite services separately

You already know exactly which kite services you want to book?

Here you can quickly and easily book all services at KBC Dakhla directly.

Book kite services separately

Any questions? Ask the team.

KBC Dakhla

Do you have any questions about the centre, the spot and the activities on site?

Station Manager Rida and the team on site will gladly answer all your questions. They also have detailed insider knowledge about the region.

Ask the KBC Team


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