Learn kitesurfing in perfect environment with professional instructions

Learn kitesurfing at 9 Centres worldwide

Learn kitesurfing at one of our kitesurfing schools in Europe and around the world. We offer you top-quality instruction with courses ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as kiting camps and events with cutting-edge F-ONE equipment and professional instructors. In short, you can be sure that getting “on board” will be fast, safe and fun. The goal of our concept for sustainable training is that after completing your course, you will be able to continue practising what you have learnt – independently and, above all, safely.

We’ve selected the very best kitesurf spots for you, ensuring perfect conditions for kitesurfing. All you have to do is book our all-inclusive package, which includes the flight, kitesurfing course and accommodations for your holiday at the kiting centre of your choice.



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Open now: KBC El Gouna, KBC Dakhla, KBC Tarifa and KBC Parajuru We will keep you up to date here.
Winter break: KBC Hindeloopen, KBC Brouwersdam, KBC Sicily and KBC Portugal

KBC Destinations

9 Kitesurf Centre worldwide

Learning to Kitesurf

What is kitesurfing?

When you kitesurf, you stand on a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard or surfboard) and pilot your kite, which pulls you across the water. You experience the carefree feeling that comes from gliding over the water just as in surfing, but also the power of the wind, which is considerably easier to control than in windsurfing. Thanks to the advances that have been made in equipment design, kitesurfing has developed into a safe sport that can be learnt quickly and easily. Nonetheless, you should start with a professional kitesurfing course; kitesurfing can be extremely dangerous if you don’t.

Your professional KBC instructor guides you to quick success through safe, sustainable training. The KBC concept gives you the tools you need to use your kite and board safely and independently once you have completed the course. In 2000 Thomas Beckmann founded the Kiteboarding Club (KBC) – which now includes 9 kitesurfing schools worldwide where you can learn to kitesurf safely, successfully and having fun while you do so. We offer courses for all skill levels at each of our Centres.

Can I learn kiting?

  • You have swimwear.
  • You know how to swim.
  • You enjoy exercise and outdoor sport.
  • You have a free weekend for a trip to the Netherlands
  • or even an entire week for a visit to one of our KBC Centres around the world

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Kitesurfen lernen: Die besten Tipps für Anfänger

Du möchtest endlich auch kiten? Hier findest du alle Infos, wie du sicher und professionell kitesurfen lernst.

Die besten Tipps für Kiteanfänger

Special Offers

Meet friends for life: Your KBC event

Learn how to kitesurf, improve your surfing technique or learn new tricks at kitesurfing events held at selected KBC spots. Join us for a week of kitesurfing to your heart’s content and meet great people at the same time. > Our events

Kite Event am Strand von Sizilien
KBC Kite Event at 5 kitesurf spots worldwide
from 479€

Foil kitesurfing at KBC

Learn to glide over the water and then take off with your Hydrofoil board. You learn the new technique in simple steps at the KBC in El Gouna, Dakhla and Parajuru. > Foil kitesurfing at KBC Dakhla

Foil kitesurfing at KBC



Personal advice

We have detailed insider knowledge about the region and are happy to provide you with a complete package of flights, transfers, accommodation and kite services.

You can also send your questions about the center and the destination directly to the respective center via e-mail:
Hindeloopen | Brouwersdam | Sizilien | Tarifa | El Gouna | Parajuru | Portugal | Dakhla


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