Kitevilla Vajarassa in Lo Stagnone auf Sizilien

Kitevilla Vajarassa in Lo Stagnone auf Sizilien

Willkommen in der Villa Vajarassa am KBC Sizilien

During your stay at KBC Sicily and for KBC Sicily Kite Events, you’ll lodge at Baglio Vajarassa. It is a wonderful former winery that was completely renovated in 2016 and expanded in 2021.

After a day of kitesurfing, you can get together with other KBC guests. And in the evenings, we meet up at the long table in the idyllic inner courtyard of the villa. The KBC team will join you for 1-2 evenings in a week.


Triple room in the old building

The double room "Tramontana" is the largest room and is located on the first floor. It has a double bed, a sofa bed and a bathroom with washbasin, toilet, bidet and shower. From the balcony you have a beautiful view of the vineyards and the lagoon.

There is space for a maximum of two baby cots.

Double room in the old building

The double room "Maestro" is located on the first floor. It has a double bed (160x190 with a full-length mattress) and a bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower. From the balcony you have a beautiful view of the vineyards and the lagoon.

There is space for a maximum of one baby cot.

Small double room in the old building

The double room "Austro" is located on the first floor. It has a double bed and a bathroom with washbasin, WC and shower. The room has beautiful Sicilian tiles.

It is not suitable for an extra bed.

Triple room in new building

The double room "Pantelleria" in the new building is located on the first floor and has another single bed in addition to the double room. The room has its own shower room with WC and a small desk.

From the balcony you have a nice view of the vineyards with morning sun.

Double room in new building

The double rooms in the new building have a large double bed, a private shower room with WC and a balcony or a small terrace with view of the inland wine yards. Ancient elements of the old barn have been nicely integrated here.

Barrier-free double rooms are also available (please specify when booking).

Single room in new building

The single room "Favignana" is located on the first floor of the new building, has its own shower room with WC and a balcony.

All double rooms can also be booked as single rooms (see price list).



*All prices include breakfast (buffet), final cleaning, without room service, every 3 days cleaning and towel change.


*All prices include breakfast (buffet), final cleaning, without room service, every 3 days cleaning and towel change.



You’ll stay in one of the eight double rooms, some of which have a balcony or access to the roof terrace. All rooms have a double bed (160 x 190) with one mattress and a bathroom with a washbasin, WC and shower. There are high chairs and baby/children’s cots for your little ones. The rooms are named after the prevailing winds of the region and the surrounding islands.

All rooms and rates

Villa Vajarassa profile


Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves is Baglio Vajarassa, a bed and breakfast renovated in 2016 and expanded in 2021. The villa is full of cosy spots to relax: in the living room at the fireside, in the reading room, in the hammock under the majestic trees in the inner courtyard or on the roof terrace. From here, you have an amazing view of the lagoon (only 400 m away) and the sunsets. The entire villa is non-smoking.

There is free Wi-Fi.


You can look forward to a delicious breakfast buffet every morning at Villa Varajarra Bed & Breakfast: fresh fruit, yoghurt, Italian bread, cheese, sausage, salami and sweet spreads.

Please note: Villa Vajarassa has a kitchen, but only for the staff. If you want a room with kitchen, choose the room "Scirocco" with a small kitchenette.

You enjoy your breakfast in the living room or in the court yard.

Nights at Villa Vajarassa

Once a week we have a Kiters’ Night – a festive evening at the Villa Vajarassa. We’ll give you on-site information about other activities, such as BBQ evenings in the summer and cinema nights. You’ll also find some great restaurants and bars in the vicinity and in Marsala.

At the long table in the courtyards you'll meet likeminded people.

The history of Baglio Vajarassa

Due to its central location in the Mediterranean, Sicily has always been of great importance. For seafaring and trade, the port cities of Sicily were a strategically important base. This made Sicily a sought-after destination for conquerors who after a successful conquest often stayed on the island, mingling with the local population and leaving their mark on the culture. Sicily was mostly governed from afar by the respective conquering nation. The island was rarely politically independent. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Sicily was dominated by Spain. The population had a high grain requirement. Thus, the Sicilian government granted the "Licentia populandi" - a permission for selected nobles to set up, settle and farm small village settlements in the then uncultivated land.

At that time, the chosen barons built "Baglios" (or Sicilian "Bagghius") - these were certainly fortified farms with a large courtyard on a large estate. On this farm lived the landowner himself, but also the farmers who worked here either seasonally or all year round. Therefore, the Baglio had to have numerous shelters for its inhabitants, but also stables for the animals and deposits for grain. The influential Agata family was known for its wine production (especially Grillo) and owned the entire coastal area of ​​the Spanish part of the island. The family was therefore nicknamed "Vajarassa" - literally "fat cow", which was often given to wealthy people. So the Baglio Vajarassa, built in the early 800s, got its name. Until 1990, the Baglio was home to wine production until the villa became a guest house. Today, direct descendants Marina Agate and her husband Salvatore welcome you to Bed & Breakfast Villa Baglio Vajarassa.

Visit the Baglio Vajarassa

Baglio Vajarassa Wine

The Baglio Vajarassa has its own wine, which was produced naturally from the grapes of the vines that grow around the estate.

Grillo - the typical dry white wine

The Grillo grape is an original, old native white grape variety with yellowish medium to large, spherical berries with firm skin and fruity berry. It is very robust and can withstand the hot climate. Therefore, it probably has a much higher sugar content than other white grapes, as well as a special aromatic taste. Not all soils are suitable for this grape variety. Therefore, it is mainly found only around Marsala. The grape variety is one of the approved DOC wines of Sicily, which proves its high quality, but Grillo wines are relatively affordable. The Grillo is a dry white wine with a pale yellow color. Its aroma is intense and rich in fruity notes, such as lemon and orange and a freshness that spreads round and full-bodied. Some wine connoisseurs describe the bouquet as flowery, some recognize pear or almonds. Grillo wines usually have a fairly high alcohol content (sometimes even over 16 per thousand) and can therefore be stored well and long (sometimes several decades). The Grillo goes perfectly with the Italian cuisine.

Catarratto Grillo - the dry white wine blend

Also, the Catarratto Bianco is a widespread vine in the province of Trapani. It has large, compact grapes and small berries with a thick shell. The Catarratto is usually blended with the Grillo, the result is a full-bodied wine. The high acid content positively influences the aromatic and aromatic freshness. One senses a scent of white flowers.

Nero D'Avola - the dry red wine from Sicily

The dark, almost black Nero D'Avola grapes are a typically Sicilian and very noble strain. Depending on the growing area their taste varies. In the areas around Marsala they are more fruity and sweeter. The wine has a strong, dark red color and its taste reveals the strong sunlight on Sicily. One senses aromas of cherry, brambles, cassis and even pepper, cedar and leather. The wine is very pleasant and tastes on many occasions.

You can taste all wines on the spot. Just ask Salvatore for a wine tasting.

Villa Vajarassa Map

The villa is not located directly at the kite spot but around 15 minutes away in the south of the lagoon, surrounded by well-tended vineyards. The easiest way to get to the spot is with your hired car. There’s free parking behind the villa, which is located on the route to Marsala. It’s only 15 minutes to the small, picturesque old town of Marsala, which is definitely worth visiting.

In Marsala you'll find many excellent restaurants, unbelievably delicious ice cream and a lively night life at the weekend. The Trapani airport in the north is only 15 minutes away as well. A good restaurant is a mere eight minutes away, and one of the region’s finest ice cream shops is only a five minutes’ drive. Information on other accommodation, including closer to the spot, is available from our travel partners.


Rental car

For your mobility in Sicily, we highly recommend a rental car: with your rental car you are mobile and independent and can explore the colourful life of Sicily after kitesurfing.

TIP An inexpensive and recommendable car rental company with a fleet of around 20 mid-range cars (Lancia Musa, Fiat Idea, Toyota Yaris, Fiat Punto Evo, Ford Fiesta, Citroen C3) in good, used condition picks up customers from the airport and brings them to the rental. This service is free from Trapani airport (from Palermo airport 120€ one way).

Car rental prices
April/May: 45€ per day
June/July: 50€ per day
August: 60€ per day
September: 45€ per day
Full insurance 38€ per day.

If you are interested, simply contact the local team by Mail or leave a comment in the free text field when booking.

You can also book your rental car online with agencies and pick it up at the airport. The prices for rental cars vary depending on the season, but are currently very high.

Local public transport is available, but often runs off schedule and is unreliable.

Taxis are very expensive, unfortunately, and not always available.



We will be happy to arrange for you to be picked up from the airport or for your return transfer to the airport; this service is provided by another company. The price is per car (please note the maximum number of persons and luggage) and according to distance. The car is air-conditioned. The driver will wait for you if you are delayed.

Arrival transfer: The driver from our reliable transfer service (a certified third-party provider) will be waiting for you at the bar located at the airport exit. He will be holding a sign with our logo and will drive you directly to your accommodation.

For the return trip, you can be picked up at KBC, Villa Vajarassa or at the hotel of your choice. Please let us know your preference beforehand.


Transfer Auto Flughafen Palermo (Hin oder Zurück)
Transfer mit einem Auto vom Flughafen Palermo nach Lo Stagnone ODER von Lo Stagnone zum Flughafen Palermo.
120,00 € Reserva
Transfer Auto Flughafen Trapani (Hin oder Zurück)
Transfer mit einem Auto vom Flughafen Trapani nach Lo Stagnone (oder zurück).
45,00 € Reserva
Transfer Kleinbus Flughafen Trapani (Hin oder Zurück)
Transfer mit einem Kleinbus vom Flughafen Trapani nach Lo Stagnone (oder zurück).
55,00 € Reserva
Transfer Kleinbus Flughafen Palermo (Hin oder Zurück)
Transfer mit einem Kleinbus vom Flughafen Palermo nach Lo Stagnone (oder zurück).
150,00 € Reserva


Day of arrival
Daily Flights KBC Sicily can be reached quickly, easily (it’s only around two hours from Germany or Switzerland, for instance) and inexpensively:

Trapani Airport (only 10 minutes by car from the spot):
Direct flights to Trapani Airport are now available again from London, Amsterdam, Billund (DK), Brussels Charleroi, Bordeaux, Turin, Milan, Pisa, Frankfurt Hahn, Karlsruhe Baden Baden and other airports.

Palermo Airport from London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Weeze, Nuremberg, Memmingen, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Nantes, Marseilles, Lyon, Bordeaux, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Bucharest, Lviv (Ukraine), Tabarka (Tunisia), Gudja (Malta) and many airports in Italy and Europe.

Catania Airport Bermingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Luxembourg, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Memmingen, Stuttgart, Athens, Mykonos, Basel, Genoa, Zurich, Vienna, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, Lille, Budapest, Bordeaux, Lyons, Bratislava, Katowice, Kiec, Krakow, Lviv, Warsaw, Riga, Bacau
Casablanca, Marrakesh, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dubai, Istanbul Malta, Monaco, Madrid, Barcelona and nearly all airports in Italy.

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