Kitesurfing & Wingfoil at KBC Parajuru | Brazil

Welcome to our relaxing kite centre in Brazil

Open: all year round
Best Season: August through January

KBC Parajuru, on the beautiful north-eastern coast of Brazil, awaits you with the kite spot of your dreams, perfect for beginners while also offering splendid conditions for experienced freestyle kiters and wave novices. From the Centre, which is located right on the kite beach, the Brazilian sun shines down upon you as you gaze over the fine sand – a fabulous spot lies in front of you.

Experience the thrill of a miles-long downwind trip or a quad tour through the seemingly endless dune landscapes. You’ll stay in enchanting holiday flats in tropical gardens with turquoise pools. Relax or explore Brazilian cuisine, the delicious seafood and treat yourself to a caipirinha on those balmy Brazilian nights!

See you soon in Brazil!

Owner & Station Manager

Kitesurf Course

beginners level

Our philosophy is sustainable training: in your course, you will learn how to use the kite and board independently – and above all, safely. Our basic courses teach you successful kitesurfing in our spot, which offers absolutely ideal conditions for beginners.

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intermediate/advanced level

If you already know how to use a kite and board and have mastered the theory behind the sport, then our advanced training course will be just right for you. Perfect your water start and get on board with ease.

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one-on-one instruction

An experienced kite instructor is at your side to safely guide you step by step, bringing you closer to your goal: the one-on-one approach means you’ll make really quick progress – no matter what you want to learn:

  • Private training for kitesurfers of all levels
  • Courses for kids (10 years and above)
  • Tips on riding technique
  • Manoeuvres and freestyle
  • Tricks – Introduction to waveboarding/introduction to foil kitesurfing
one-on-one instruction

Wingfoil Course

Wingfoil Pro Event Brazil

Wingfoil Pro Event

The wingfoil event for wingfoilers with previous experience: The Intensive Pro Camp with wingfoil pro Jelle Stoop, who will reveal all the secrets of successful wingfoiling and give you tips on riding technique, tricks and manoeuvres.

6-day event with a 5-day course and one day of free practice time, including equipment.

Only on special dates.

Info & Dates
Wingfoil beginners' course in Brazil at the KBC Parajuru Wingfoil School

Wingfoil Beginner Course

In 2-3 days, beginners learn wingfoiling step by step in theory and practice - in small groups with a maximum of 4 students per instructor.

5-hour wingfoil course for beginners.

Bookable at any time.

Wingfoil Beginner Course
Private Wingfoil Coaching in Brazil at the Wingfoil School Parajuru

Privats Coaching

Would you like to learn wingfoiling or new tricks, but don't want to do it in a group? We offer individual training for all levels and riding technique in one-to-one supervision or in pairs.

Bookable at any time.

Private Wingfoil Coaching
You don't know which course suits you best and still have questions?

Still unsure?

You don't know which course suits you best and still have questions?

Isabelle will be happy to advise you and help you:

Phone +49 211 83832780
(Sun-Fri 9am-5pm)

Ask by mail

equipment rental

Rent F-ONE Kites and Board in Parajuru in Brazil

Kitesurf Equipment Rental

  • 50 kites from F-ONE in all sizes from 5 m² to 14 m²
  • 30 boards – all current F-ONE freestyle and freeride boards in all sizes
  • Harnesses (Manera, Prolimit and Mystik) in sizes XS to XXL as well as children’s sizes

Reserve in advance to ensure that you always have the equipment you need even if you have to switch several times a day. A licence corresponding to VDWS licence level 3 is required in order to hire gear.

Equipment booking

Wingfoil Equipment Rental

At KBC Parajuru, you can rent first-class F-ONE wingfoil equipment from the centre directly at the kite beach. Book in advance and you will always have the right equipment, even if you have to change several times a day.

To rent, you need a licence that corresponds to the VDWS level 5.

Wingfoil Rental

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Centre Profile

Water sports beach & spot

The wide, fine sandy beaches in the north-east of Brazil stretch to the horizon and are considered the most beautiful beaches in the whole country. Our kite centre is located just in front of our main lagoon and about 200m from the ocean and offers you a dream spot covering several square kilometres with plenty of space to take advantage of the oblique onshore wind. The wind, the current and the river shape the lagoon a little differently every year.

Tides at the spot

The spot is quite changeable thanks to the tides - new, different conditions arise twice a day:
At high tide, a wide lagoon with shallow water forms. The shallow water in the shore area is ideal for the water start and setup. Our shallow and flat lagoon make kitesurfing comfortable and offer great conditions for freestylers. Advanced kitesurfers can enjoy 500 metres of windward, mirror-smooth water at the mouth of the Rio Pirangi or ride the ocean waves directly over the sandbank.
At high tide, the lagoon is a very nice spot for wingfoilers: Due to the depth of the water, you should choose a rather short AMst and will then find beautiful shallow water conditions here.
At low tide, the lagoon may occasionally have very little water. In this case, KBC Parajuru organises a transfer to our windward spot.
On the sea, directly behind the lagoon, advanced kitesurfers and wingfoilers will always find good conditions.

Complete packages & booking

Buggy transfer to the river mouth

We offer a buggy shuttle service to the river mouth, our alternative spot, about 5 km from the center. We charge a small fee for each journey. Alternatively, the way back can also be covered as a downwinder.

Buggy Transfer

Buggy Transfer Flussmündung
Buggy Transfer zur Flussmündung (Ausweichspot), Preis pro Fahrt und pro Person
5,00 € Reserva


The north-east coast of Brazil, with its endless, gorgeous beaches, features superb conditions for downwind trips. For advanced riders, our local team offers downwind boards of varying lengths for different locations. Our truck will accompany you along the beach for the duration of the trip: if you run out of energy, we’ll be on hand to collect you.

Downwind trips can be booked on-site.

Buggy Tours

 Explore the area by buggy on an exciting tour, e.g.

  • to Pontal do Maceio at the Fortim: swimming in the Rio Jaguaribe River, swimming in the natural caves in the Pontal and speeding over the sand dunes
  • to Uruau Beberibe: An action-packed ride over the sand dunes accompanied by a local from Uruau.
  • to Canoa Quebrada: We drive to the famous beach Canoa Quebrada, cross the river by ferry, continue on the sand dunes to the beach, then a tour of Canoa, swim, eat delicious fish, crayfish or shrimp after
  • to Morro Branco: an action ride over the sand dunes, walk through the Falesias, shopping on the beach, food and drink. With its impressive sandstone labyrinth, the beach is one of Ceará's most remarkable beaches. Continue with a visit to the arts and crafts market. The day will end on the beautiful sandy beach or in the nearby spa "Oca dor Índios".
Book your trip on site.

Test & buy

Maybe you’d like to purchase your own kite gear but aren’t quite sure what to choose? That’s no problem at all. We’ll be happy to advise you, and you can also try out our gear for yourself: you can test everything for up to 30 minutes at no charge: we sell F-ONE kites and boards in gently used and top condition, as well as new harnesses from MANERA. Just let us know – we’ll be happy to advise you!



Our shady coconut palms and parasols, sun loungers, bean bags and hammocks invite you to relax, listen to music and to read. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the station and in the restaurant. And when you feel ready for action again, may we suggest:

  • A stroll along the sandy beach that seems to go on forever
  • Learn stand up paddling and paddle through the lagoon
  • Take a buggy trip through the gigantic dunes
  • Enjoy a boat excursion on the Rio Jaguaribe and be entranced by the unique beauty of Brazil. Fresh oysters are included.
  • Canoa Quebrada: during the day, you can browse around the many small shops and enjoy a visit to Canoa’s renowned sand beach. In the evenings, the streets of Canoa are transformed into a lively, chaotic party mecca with a host of bars and clubs. Then, after midnight the revellers head towards the beach and the Freedom Bar, where they dance till the wee hours to the sound of reggae. We’ll be happy to advise you when you arrive
or send us an email in advance.


We have our relax room at the pousada, where specialized physiotherapist offers you massage to relivemuscle tension after long day on the water! Choose betweensport massage, relaxing massage, feet reflex massage oraromatherapy.

Book massage on the spot.


Our shop features a selection of kites and boards from F-ONE, harnesses by MANERA, accessories, board shorts and shirts. 

Stop by our shop.

Beach wedding under palm trees

The team of the Pousada Maré Alta organizes dream weddings with a romantic wedding ceremony on the beach, live music, wonderful decorations and a glittering party with Brazilian delicacies and drinks. Of course you can also celebrate other occasions, such as events and birthdays.

Contact us and we will realize your dream!

Kitecentre & Service

The KBC Club is located right on the kite beach, separated only by a chain of dunes approximately 200 m wide. Our Centre has everything you need for a comfortable, safe kite holiday:

  • Storage boxes for your personal kite gear
  • A shop with kites, boards, harnesses, sunglasses, fashions, sunscreen products and other accessories
  • A compressor for inflating your kite
  • Our experienced beach staff are on hand to help you launch and land your kite.
  • At the end of your holiday you can wash your kites with fresh water in our automated kite washing system and then let them dry.
  • Lockers
  • Large changing cubicles
  • Showers and toilets
  • A sun terrace and shady chill-out area
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • If you’re travelling with a non-kiter, they are of course very welcome at KBC and can use all facilities free of charge.
Book services & storage

Bar & Restaurant

After a strenuous kite session, you can recharge at our original Brazilian Maré Alta restaurant and savour local delicacies such as macaxeira, arrumadinho or bolinhas de peixe. We prepare exquisite dishes with freshly caught fish, shrimp, prawns, lobsters and a variety of meat specialities.

At breakfast, you’ll begin your day with superfoods and delicious creations made from acai berries. Our fresh juices made from local fruits like cajá, graviola (soursop) and goiaba (guava) will give you new energy for another lap on the water. Have you ever tasted coconut milk straight from the coconut?

And after a successful day of kiting, what better way to end the day than with a caipirinha or two? We look forward to making your perfect kiting day a culinary highlight as well.

Book now.

Party & Nights

Valber’s unforgettable churrascos would surely tempt even a vegetarian. A churrasco, or barbecue, is a centrepiece of Brazilian cuisine and therefore a must for every holidaymaker. A variety of meats are grilled on skewers 1 m in length and served with typical Brazilian side dishes such as farofa, macaxeira (cassava) and beijão. A unique culinary experience, and one not to be missed!
We also recommend a visit to the beach resort Canoa Quebrada: during the day, you can browse around the many small shops and enjoy a visit to Canoa’s renowned sand beach. In the evenings, the streets of Canoa are transformed into a lively, chaotic party mecca with a host of bars and clubs. Then, after midnight the revellers head towards the beach and the Freedom Bar, where they dance till the wee hours to the sound of reggae.

When you arrive, you can find out what’s on in Canoa.

Celebration New Year with us

Escape the winter, travel to the warmth and spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve with us.

Ask us for your best offer.

Checklist for Brazil

Don’t forget:

  • Your passport. This must be valid for at least 6 months after the final day of travel.
  • Swimwear
  • Flip flops, beach sandals
  • Sport sunglasses with a strap, preferably polarised (also available in the KBC Parajuru shop)
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Electrical adapter

Things you’ll need but can rent or buy in Parajuru:

Things you can leave at home:

  • Your kite pump – we have a compressor and hand-operated pumps for all popular types of valve

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have! Send us an e-mail!  

Wind, Weather & Tides

Current weather

Current wind information at KBC Parajuru is available on

Wind and Weather

Between June and January, reliable wind conditions are above 70%. During these eight months, the trade winds create ideal kiting conditions with wind speeds between 15 and 25 knots, and it almost never rains. You can expect the best conditions between August and November. The wind comes from the east/south-east and blows cross-onshore. Kite sizes between 7 sqm and 12 sqm will work well. The standard kite size is 9; use 12 for the early and late season. Air temperatures are around 30°C. The sea is warm – board shorts and Lycra are all you’ll need for kitesurfing here. However, don’t forget to use high-quality, waterproof sun protection as well.

High and low tide in our lagoon

At low tide, the beach is very wide and the lagoon is shallow. The water is extremely smooth. This is optimal for practising in our shallow area and with a constant cross-onshore wind. When you start, you can adjust your kite and board from a standing position. With so much room in the water and on the beach, practising as well as launching and landing your kite are simple and safe. These are also ideal conditions for freestylers.

Wave enthusiasts will find everything they’re looking for at high tide, and novices can make their first attempts too.




The nearest airport is Fortaleza. It can be reached from nearly every major airport in Germany (Frankfurt, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Friedrichshafen, Münster/Osnabrück, Hanover), Switzerland (Basel) and Austria (Graz), e.g. with Condor or TAP. Flight time is around 9 to 10 hours. We will find the cheapest flight for you. The drive from Fortaleza to Parajuru takes approximately 90 minutes. Our transfer service will be pleased to pick you up from the airport. We will find the most attractive travel package for you.

We will find the most attractive travel package for you.


We will be happy to arrange your transfer from the airport to Parajuru. The driver from the transfer service will wait for you at the Arrivals exit and will hold a sign with your name. He’ll safely transfer you and any kite gear you may have to either the station or to the hotel – whichever you prefer. You’ll travel in an air-conditioned car or minibus and arrive at your destination in approximately one and a half hours. Return journey: For the return journey the driver can either pick you up at the Kiteboarding Club or at the hotel of your choice.

Flughafen Transfer

Flughafentransfer bis 4 Personen
Flughafentransfer Fortaleza - Parajuru (Preis pro Fahrt max. 4 Pers.)
104,00 € Reserva
Flughafentransfer 5 bis 12 Personen
Flughafentransfer Fortaleza - Parajuru (One Way im Bus mit 5 oder mehr Personen - Preis pro Bus)
175,00 € Reserva


Pousada Maré Alta: At the Pousada Maré Alta, you’ll stay in a completely new garden area with a pool, right on the KBC Parajuru kite beach. The pool (1.6 m depth) is very child-friendly with its flat non-swimmer area (40 cm depth). The chill and stretching lounge, which has weights and sports equipment, is located in a covered area. You can also play billiards, table tennis, table football or relax on the sofa and watch TV.

Breakfast: A buffet-style breakfast is served at the Maré Alta bar at the Kite Centre, where you’ll enjoy an espresso/latte macchiato, hot chocolate, juices, local seasonal fruits, cakes, warm dishes and daily specials.

Special: You will not be charged a service/storage fee at KBC Parajuru if you book accommodation at the Pousada Maré Alta.

Learn more about Pousada Maré Alta

Vila Jardim**** The Vila Jardim hotel complex lies directly on the endless sandy beach of Parajuru. Here, you’ll find 24 chalets, a reception area, a generously sized freshwater pool with an ocean view and beach access, a children’s pool, bureau de change and laundry service. The hotel restaurant offers a substantial breakfast buffet as well as delicious fare from Brazilian, Austrian and international cuisine. 

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex. For a fee, you can book rides along the beach, aerobics, capoeira basics, samba and forró, drumming and handicrafts workshops, and a Portuguese course as well as excursions in a fishing boat, buggy tours, dune tours, boat trips through the mangroves and party excursions.  

The wellness programme (a fee is charged) includes massages, cosmetic treatments, shiatsu, manicures and pedicures.

Your complete package

Casa Grande***** Casa Grande is the place to be if you are looking for a romantic holiday for two or a luxurious ambience with a tropical accent. This boutique hotel features an ocean view, a restaurant, swimming pool and gym. You’ll stay in a beautiful building with a large pool and a garden with tropical fruit trees and flowers. The building comprises five spaciously appointed twin rooms and adjacent bathrooms with a hot-water shower, air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, safe, dressing room and terrace, whirlpool (four of the rooms), handicapped-accessible bathroom (one of the rooms) and guest lounge. The entire building or individual rooms may be booked and breakfast as well as daily cleaning services may be booked as well.

Your complete package

Our guests say...

Sofi Chevalier from France

"The KBC Parajuru is one of my favourite kitespots in the world. The spot is very safe and there is always someone there when you have trouble. I always meet friends at the center because I come here every year to train."

Sofi on Instagram

Gian Andrea Stragiotti (CH)

"My 3rd visit to the fantastic KBC Parajuru because it is simply a great, not overcrowded lagoon, ideal for freestyle. Plus a great center with healthy food and nice people."

Gian on Instagram

Caio Madg Cotroni from Brazil

"Best experience! Warm water, lots of wind, tasty coconut water and amazing scenery. A very well located station! The best option for those who want to sail in the lagoon or in the sea! KBC Parajuru - see you soon!"

Caio on Instagram

Advice & Booking

Book kite services separately

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Here you can quickly and easily book all services at KBC Parajuru directly.

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KBC TEam Parajuru Valber

KBC Parajuru

Do you have any questions about the centre, the spot and the activities on site?

Valber and the local team will be happy to answer your questions about the centre, the spot and the activities on site. They have detailed insider knowledge about the region.

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