Buzzha Beach Restaurant El Gouna at Kiteboarding Club Kite Beach

Big Belly Restaurant




Egyptian Breakfast  
brown beans, scr. eggs, feta, tomatoes, grilled eggplant, falafel, Egyptian bread
200 LE

choose your topping: honey or chocolate sauce and banana
180 LE

Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl  
with homemade granola and yoghurt
250 LE

with corn, mushrooms, paprika served with avocado toast
230 LE

Paninis & Wraps

with salad or French fries
Choose your filling and decide whether you would like it to be served as wrap or panini.

with grilled veggies, tahina
200 LE

with beef ham and cheese
215 LE

with tuna creme, tomatoes, lettuce and rucola
220 LE

with tomato, mozzarella, pesto
220 LE

Goat Cheese  
with goat cheese, apple chutney, caramelized onions and grilled eggplant
250 LE

with grilled chicken, fried onions and cheese
280 LE


Mixed Salad  
with grilled vegetables
190 LE

Thai Rice Noodle Salad  
with paprika, carots, orange or mango (season), koriander and peanuts
250 LE

Goat Cheese Salad  
caramelized goat cheese on apple and salad with pomegranate and nuts
250 LE

Beef Salad
mixed salad with fried mushrooms, beef stripes and sesame
330 LE


Penne Pesto Bowl  
pasta, pesto, tomato salad, parmesan cheese 230 LE
+ optional: add Grilled Chicken + 100 LE

Vegan Super  
Bowl potatoes, fried mushrooms, tomato salad, cucumber, tahina
230 LE

Vegan Curry Lentil Bowl  
rice, lentil curry, cucumber, eggplant dip
250 LE

Chicken Curry Bowl
rice, grilled chicken in curry sauce, banana and pineapple
290 LE

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
rice, grilled chicken with sesame, zucchini, carrots, teriyaki sauce, salad
300 LE

Oriental Bowl  
with Falafel couscous, red cabbage, peas, tomato salad, falafel, yoghurt
280 LE

Quinoa Buzzha Bowl  +glutenfree
quinoa, hummus, salad and fried mushrooms, olives
320 LE

Mexican Bowl
rice, red beans, corn, minced meat, tomatoes, yoghurt, nacho crumbs, cheddar
350 LE


with French fries or salad

Falafel Burger  
250 LE

Crispy Chicken Burger
300 LE

Vegan Burger  
280 LE

Tuna Burger
280 LE

330 LE


French Fries 
150 LE

with French Fries
optional with mayonaise
200 LE

Crispy Chicken Fingers
200 LE

Crispy Mozzarella Sticks  
200 LE

Cheese Nachos  
with 2 dips
250 LE

Kid's menu

Chicken Curry Bowl
rice, grilled chicken in curry sauce and banana
190 EGP

Penne Bolognese Bowl
penne with minced meat in tomato sauce
190 EGP

Vegan Super Bowl  
potatoes, fried mushrooms, tomato salad, cucumber, tahina
150 EGP

Crispy Chicken fingers
with french fries
160 EGP

French Fries 
80 EGP

Pizza (only on "Pizza Day")

with tomato and mozzarella
220 LE

With carots, zucchini, spinach, onions, peppers, garlic
250 LE

With pesto and fresh tomato salad with basil
260 LE

With spinach and feta cheese
250 LE

With ham and pineapples
260 LE

With fresh tomato, rucola and parmesan cheese
280 LE

With dried beef stripes and rucola
280 LE

With Tuna and onions
280 LE

With beef-bolognese
300 LE

With chicken slices marinated in tandoori-yoghurt sauce, coriander leaves
280 LE

With chicken breast filet slices, banana slices, pepper and yellow curry sauce
280 LE

With salami, mushrooms and sweet corn
280 LE

With salami and fresh chilli
300 LE

choose your two favorite pizzas and we will bake your very special half-half pizza
290 LE



Freshly made waffles

with sugar and cinnamon
130 LE

with banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
190 LE

with vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce
190 LE

with fresh seasonal fruits
200 LE

Check as well our homemade cake and cookie selection at the bar.

Tasty Drinks

Soft Drinks

Bottled Water
0,5l | 1,5l
35 | 65 LE

Water Carafe
(filtered water) 1L
35 LE

Coke, Coke Light, Fanta, Sprite
60 LE

Tonic, Soda
60 LE

Red Bull
120 LE

Apple Juice with Soda XXL
120 LE

Infused Drinks

Fresh Mint & Cucumber
1l carafe
115 LE

Fresh Orange & Lime
1l carafe
115 LE

Mintwater XXL
with mint & brown sugar
130 LE

Fresh Juices

Lemon Juice
100 LE

Mango Juice
120 LE

Strawberry Juice
120 LE

Check our juice bar for further seasonal juices!


fruit, vanilla ice cream, milk

Banana Shake
150 LE

Mango Shake
150 LE

Strawberry Shake
150 LE

Smoothies & Lassies

Mango Lassi
mango, yoghurt, cardamon
160 LE

Banana Smoothie
banana, milk, oats
170 LE

Green Smoothie
spinach, apple, banana
170 LE

I am Refueling
milk, dates, cinnamon
170 LE

Coffee & Chocolate

Choose „cow milk“ or “*oat milk” or choose your favorite coffee as refreshing, cold version, served on ice cubes.

Latte Macchiato
120 LE / 140 LE*

American Coffee
80 LE / 100 LE

100 LE / 120 LE

70 LE

Hot Chocolate
100 LE

Buzzha Iced Coffee XXL
Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream
170 LE

Oreo Iced Chocolate
Iced chocolate with ice cream
170 LE

Tea & Iced Tea

Black Tea
optional with mint
65 LE

Fresh Mint Tea
100 LE

Thai Chai Latte
100 LE

Fresh Ginger Tea
+ mint, lemon & honey
120 LE

Mint Ice Tea
iced fresh mint green tea
120 LE

Lemon Ice Tea
iced fresh lemon black tea
120 LE

Karkade hibiscus
iced tea
120 LE


Stella, Sakara or Heineken
120 LE


Sharazade (Glass | Bottle)
180 LE | 650 LE

Beausoleil (Glass | Bottle)
200 LE | 750 LE

open from 8:30am – 9:30pm

Call +20.120.4442433 for a reservation.