Basic Courses at KBC Sal

Beginner Courses

Beginner Introduction 3h
3h introduction course
95,00 € Book
Beginner group course 6h
6 hours Kitesurf course for beginners.
210,00 € Book
Beginner group course 8h
8 hours Kitesurf course for beginners.
270,00 € Book
Beginner group course 10h
10 hours Kitesurf course for beginners.
310,00 € Book

During your course, your kitesurf gear is insured. As soon as you kitesurf independently, we recommend the insurance of the kitesurf centre.

one-on-one instruction

An experienced kite instructor is at your side to safely guide you step by step, bringing you closer to your goal: the one-on-one approach means you’ll make really quick progress.

Private Training

Private Lesson 2h
2 hours Individual Kite Training
120,00 € Book
Private Lessons 6h
6 hours Private Kite Training
360,00 € Book
Private Lessons 8h
8 hours Private Kite Training
460,00 € Book
Private Lessons 10h
10 hours Private Kite Training
550,00 € Book