Learning kitesurfing in a private course

Private Training is for everybody who likes to progress quickly and want a one-on-one mentoring from one of the kitesurf instructors. You want to learn something new? Jumping, front or backroll or kiteloops? Special techniques, e.g. Freeestyle or kitesurfing in the wave can be learned from experienced Prokiters in Private Training Pro.
You can also book introductory and advanced courses as a private training, if you prefer to learn alone and not in a group.

Private Training

Private Lesson 2h
2 hours Individual Kite Training
120,00 € Book
Private Lessons 6h
6 hours Private Kite Training
360,00 € Book
Private Lessons 8h
8 hours Private Kite Training
460,00 € Book
Private Lessons 10h
10 hours Private Kite Training
550,00 € Book

Private Training PRO

Pro Training "Freestyle"
1 hour pro training
90,00 € Book
pro Training "Wave"
1 hour pro training
110,00 € Book