Kitesurf Camp at KBC Hindeloopen

Kitecamp at the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands at Kiteboarding Club KBC


Intensive training for all experience levels over 4 days with 16 hours training plus free practice time


No other type of course brings the beginner more safely onto the board and helps intermediates to progress sustainably. In a group of 4-6 participants you will learn in 4 days just about everything there is to know about kitesurfing.

The kite camp is aimed at beginners and intermediates. The participants will be divided into groups according to their kitesurfing experience, so that we can focus on the respective level.

We impart the necessary knowledge in two theory units and concentrate every day on a lot of practical training time on the water (1/5 theory - 4/5 practice). The secret of the kite camp lies in the large amount of repetition of everything learned. Because only those who consolidate their experience can master the next level of learning.

For this reason, in addition to the units in theory and practice, free practice time is also available so that you can gain as much kite and board experience as possible. At the end of the kitesurf camp you will of course have the possibility to take the exam for the official kitesurfing licence with our VDWS instructors.

The course offers about 16 hours of lessons in practice and theory plus free practice time with free use of the kite equipment (including wetsuit and harness).



  • big material knowledge

  • assembly and disassembly + tips and tricks

  • Safety training (practice and theory)

  • Flight school

  • Theory (basic and advanced knowledge)

  • Waterstart (relaunch) of the kite

  • Bodydragging on all courses

  • Waterstart with board

  • Riding downwind the first meters


405,00 €

You come in a large group (6 people or more) and you all want to learn kitesurfing or improve your riding technique and learn tricks? We would be happy to organise an event for you on your desired date. Send us email.