Beginner Courses at KBC Hindeloopen

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Sustainable training is our philosophy. It enables you to handle the kite and board independently and above all safely after the course. The basic course serves to teach all the necessary basics that are necessary to learn kitesurfing safely. In addition to the theory units and material knowledge, the practical handling of the kite in the water is the main focus. After the training of the kite control the board is added. Our mission is that every student can practice independently and safely after completing the basic course. We stand for this with our good reputation and a highly motivated team of instructors.

Pupils, students and trainees receive a 10% discount on instruction and rental. No further discounts are possible on courses that are already discounted and marked as "Sparpreis".

Basis Course

10 hours on 2 days, 2-6 persons


The basic course includes 2 days of lessons for beginners with a total of 10 hours of instruction. In order to practice and internalize the learned movements, we work in the second part of the course with a lot of practical training time. In a learning group of 2 to 6 people you will learn the important elements of kitesurfing, all the necessary equipment (kite, board, wetsuit, harness) will be provided.

The course is designed in such a way that you can practice independently and without any danger.




  • Material science (boards, 4-line delta kites)

  • Material assembly and dismantling

  • Safety training (land + water)

  • Flight exercises with kite

  • Theoretical foundations

  • Waterstart of the kite (Relaunch)

  • Bodydrag to space wind

  • Waterstart with board

  • The first few meters of space wind are driving...



255,00 €

Equipment Insurance
In the course your kite equipment is insured. As soon as you train on your own we recommend an insurance, e.g. the "Safety Tool" from VDWS for only 39 Euro per year. You can take out this insurance on site.

Kite Camp (special price)

Intensive training for all experience levels over 4 days with 16 hours training plus free practice time


No other type of course brings the beginner more safely onto the board and helps intermediates to progress sustainably. In a group of 4-6 participants you will learn in 4 days just about everything there is to know about kitesurfing.

The kite camp is aimed at beginners and intermediates. The participants will be divided into groups according to their kitesurfing experience, so that we can focus on the respective level.

We impart the necessary knowledge in two theory units and concentrate every day on a lot of practical training time on the water (1/5 theory - 4/5 practice). The secret of the kite camp lies in the large amount of repetition of everything learned. Because only those who consolidate their experience can master the next level of learning.

For this reason, in addition to the units in theory and practice, free practice time is also available so that you can gain as much kite and board experience as possible. At the end of the kitesurf camp you will of course have the possibility to take the exam for the official kitesurfing licence with our VDWS instructors.

The course offers about 16 hours of lessons in practice and theory plus free practice time with free use of the kite equipment (including wetsuit and harness).



  • big material knowledge

  • assembly and disassembly + tips and tricks

  • Safety training (practice and theory)

  • Flight school

  • Theory (basic and advanced knowledge)

  • Waterstart (relaunch) of the kite

  • Bodydragging on all courses

  • Waterstart with board

  • Riding downwind the first meters


370,00 €


Im Kurs ist dein Kitematerial versichert. Sobald du eigenständig trainierst empfehlen wir dir eine Versicherung, z.B. das "Safety Tool" vom VDWS für nur 39 Euro jährlich. Dies kannst du vor Ort abschließen.