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Learn kitesurfing in Europe‘s Capital of Wind

Season: March 1st until December 24th

Tarifa has always been a center of the water-sports scene: it’s where the pro-kiters meet and the kite-addicts live but as well where beginners make their first kite-experiences. Our Team at KBC Tarifa helps you to improve quickly and safely at our spot: Our professional, English and German speaking IKO/VDWS licensed Kitesurf instructors will guide you step by step through your experience in this amazing sport. For both, classes and rental, we provide you with the latest F-ONE equipment in top condition! We recommend you to stay in the High Flyers Tarifa a cozy hostel in the heart of the wonderful old town.

Endless beaches, perfect conditions for water-sports, stunning nature, a beautiful old town and the famous night life and food are highlighting Tarifa as an outstandingly vibrant place. Relax, meet friends for life and experience an unforgettable kite holiday!

Anabel & Franky
Station manager

Kite instructor with students at the kite beach of Tarifa

Beginner Course

Our philosophy of a sustainable training should enable every participant to handle kite and board independently and above all safely after the course. 

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Kitesurfing beginners on the board at KBC Tarifa

Advanced Course

If you have already gained experience with kite and board and have a good command of the theory, then our advanced courses are just right for you. In the advanced course, you will learn how to start in the water and how to ride safely for the first few metres.

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Wave kiting at the wave kite spot in Tarifa

Private Training & Wave Kiting

The best possible support with a private teacher for you or you and your learning partner. Your personal level will be taken into account and you will get closer to your goal step by step and safely. In addition, you will find excellent conditions at KBC Tarifa to learn how to approach and ride the waves with your kite.

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Kitesurfing instructor trains in individual supervision


At the KBC Kite Event you will be coached and trained for a week by our professional, licensed teaching team. The event is aimed at all kitesurfers, regardless of whether they are absolute beginners, intermediate or advanced, and offers you a colourful social programme.

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Equipment rental

Rent F-ONE Kite Equipment and Board in Tarifa

Equipment pool

Book upfront and the perfect gear will always be available for you, also when you need to change gear multiple times a day. To be able to rent gear, you need to have a level 3 VDWS license (available on the spot).

  • Kites from F-ONE in all sizes from 5 m² to 14 m²
  • all current F-ONE freestyle, freeride and waveboards in all sizes
  • Harnesses (Manera and Prolimit) in sizes XS to XXL as well as children’s sizes
  • Neoprene suits (Prolimit und Mystic) in sizes XS to XXL as well as children’s sizes
Rental Price & Booking
Kitesurf Equipmnet rental

Equipment rental

Book in advance and you always have the right material. You recognize our staff at the eye-catching KBC Lycras and we mark our spot with a KBC flag. To borrow, you need a license that complies with the VDWS License Level 5 (also available locally) and must pay a deposit during the rental period.

Rental booking
Buy second hand kites in Tarifa

Test & buy

Before buying your material you should definitely have a personal test to find the kite, board or harness that best suits you. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to try everything for free: Kites and boards from F-ONE and Trapeze from Manera.

We are happy to advice you

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Centre Profile

kitebeach Tarifa

Kite beach & spot

In Tarifa we have two dominant types of wind. The cool Poniente is coming from the west- the warm Levante is blowing through the Strait of Gibraltar from the east. Depending on the strength and direction of the wind, as well as your personal level and experience, there are several spots in Tarifa and close by, that we get to choose the best suitable from.

Los Lances: Los Lances (the landing strip): this is our homespot. We can kite and teach here with Poniente as well as with Levante. Los Lances is a very wide, long and sandy beach with a lot of space, that gives us very good training conditions. With Poniente the wind blows side-on-shore and there are moderate to medium sized waves building up close to the shore. Levante on the other hand is blowing side-off-shore and makes the water nice and flat. During the main season, there is always going to be a rescue boat out in the water that will bring you back to the beach if needed. This service (included in all our courses) allows us to teach and kite even in off-shore wind. Kite level: Beginner to Advanced. There are good parking possibilities and a few beach bars that invite you to chill, eat or relax in the sun.

Valdevaqueros: Alternative Spot during thermal Poniente – side on-shore, flat to small waves; or Levante when there is no rescue in Los Lances (off season) – slightly side off-shore to side shore, glassy to choppy; Kite level - Beginner to Advanced; wide sand beach ending in a massive sand dune, some rocks at both ends of the beach, less space on the beach than in Los Lances, parking possibilities and world famous beach bars to relax, chill in the sun or party at sunset.

Rio Jara: Small, tide dependent lagoon, working with Poniente as well as Levante - standing deep and shallow water, Kite level- Beginner to Advanced; sand beach, limited training space, no parking possibilities, walk from Los Lances necessary. Not anymore an official kite spot now more a natural wildlife reserve.

Los Caños de Meca: Alternative spot during strong Levante, side on-shore, small to big waves; Kite level – Intermediate to Advanced; sand beach with some pebbles ,some rock reefs in the water ,there is a clear sandy area to enter the water. Depending on wind conditions and size of waves the spot is ridable for kiters with intermediate to advanced level. Beautiful scenery over the natural park cliffs and the famous Trafalgar lighthouse, good parking options, beach bar, ride 50km.

Palmones: Alternative Spot during strong Levante, Side-onshore wind, small tide dependent lagoon as well as open sea with small to medium waves; Kite level - Beginner to Advanced; narrow sand beach, very limited space in the lagoon, bigger space in the open water zone, good parking options, ride 30km.

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Beside the ideal conditions for kitesurfing, KBC and Tarifa are providing a big range of activities for non-kitesurfers and kitesurfers to survive a day without wind:

  • rooftop with a stunning view
  • chill-out area with bean bags
  • table soccer
  • jetsurf
  • surf courses and rental
  • SUP courses and rental
  • wakeboarding
  • climbing tours
  • kayak rental and tours
  • mountainbike rental and tours
  • trips to Morocco
  • trips to Cadiz

We are happy to advice you on site or

Food and restaurants

At most of our spots you can find a small bar that provide you with refreshing drinks and small snacks. After a successful day of kitesurfing you can enjoy a cold drink on the rooftop of the hostel with a nice sea view. The perfect place to get started before heading into Tarifa’s well-known nightlife.

In Tarifa there are plenty of good restaurants and tapas bars. As the High Flyers guesthouse is located in the middle of the old town, all of them are reachable for you in a very short walking-distance.

Party & Nightlife

Tarifa’s nightlife is legendary. You can find a lot of relaxed bars and clubs here. You’re welcome to ask us anytime and we will give you the best tips and secret hints where to go. Our top 3 recommendations in advance:

  • Beach Bar Agua: Located directly at the beach of our home spot and very well-known as a perfect chill-out-place after kiting. Sitting on big, cozy couches with funky retro music while watching the sunset and drinking one of Tarifa’s best Smoothies (or Cocktails) makes Agua the perfect place to end the day and get ready for the night!
  • Surf Bar Tomatito: In the heart of the old town and surrounded by a lot of other cocktail bars, Tomatito is the place to start the night. Mostly everyone that you met on the beach earlier will meet up here for a few drinks and some table football to have a chilled night or warm up for a big one to come!
  • La Ruina and Café del Mar: Inside of the walls of the castle, these 2 clubs are the places to go to for those who have got enough energy to keep going all night! Go dance along to somedeeptechno and house beats, but not before 2 AM – welcome to the Spanish party-routine!

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Learn kitesurfing in Spain at KBC Tarifa |

Child Care

You’re bringing your family and both parents end up on water at the same time? No worries! We can arrange hourly child care for your kids. Please leave a comment in the booking form, if you want to book a babysitter.



Do you want to have a unique memory of your kite holiday? Book a private photo shooting Our photographer concentrates 100% on you and your tricks. He/She will be shooting loads of sequences so you will have a huge selection to choose the best pictures from. The most beautiful ones will be edited and put on dvd. Simply ask the team on site and book your personal photo shooting.

Supervised Kitesurfing

Supervised kitesurfing

We keep you updated about the wind-, waves- and weather- conditions and provide you professional help in launching and landing. We are standing beside you for questions about coping with the spot assessment or riding technique. You will recognize our staff by the KBC Lycras and we mark our spot with a flag, so can you easily find us at the beach. Depending on your level and the conditions of the wind and waves, we offer you to discover Tarifa’s big diversity with us. During a good Poniente we offer you the possibility of a stunning downwinder together back to our station in Tarifa city. Overnight you can store your kite material comfortably in the school.

  • Our experienced beach staff is helping you with starting and landing of your kite
  • articles of value can be left in the KBC bus
  • showers and toilets at the spots

For supervised kiting you need a license, which corresponds the VDWS-Lizenz Level 5 (possible to purchase on site as well). If your partner or friends are not kiting, they are always welcome to join us going to the spot.

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Kite repair

We’re working together with a huge sails manufacturer in Tarifa, they are pro’s when it comes to kite repair. We take care for you to get your kite ready for action again as quickly as possible.

  • repairing of holes in the bladder,leaks
  • replacement of damaged valves
  • professional replacement of front-tubes, struts and main canopy tears.
Ask us on-site for a kite repair.
Kitesurfing with helmet at KBC Tarifa

Please wear a helmet & lifejacket

Wearing a helmet and lifejacket is mandatory for all KBC Tarifa guests, lessons and rental. The rental package includes helmet and lifejacket. Kitesurfers with their own equipment can also borrow a helmet + lifejacket for €8/day with us.

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Checklist for Tarifa

Don’t forget:

  • Your passport or ID card: it has to be valid for at least 6 more months
  • boardshorts, bikini or bathing suit
  • flip flops, beach slippers
  • Sport-sunglasses with band, preferably polarized
  • sun hat or cap

Things you’ll need but can rent or buy in Tarifa:

Things you can leave at home:

  • Your kite pump – we have hand-operated pumps for all popular types of valve.
  • Electrical adapter (if you are travelling from Central Europe); otherwise, you will need to bring one along.

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!  

Wind & Weather


The wind forecast for Tarifa is available on Windyapp.co.



Tarifa is often called the capital of the wind. The Strait of Gibraltar makes the wind speed up like a jet! Levante, coming from the East and the Mediterranean, is a warm and usually dry wind, blowing approximately 40% of the year.

The Poniente, blowing from the Atlantic Ocean and the West, is a fresh and amazingly smooth wind that shows upabout 40% of the year as well. On the rest of the days, usually in winter, the wind can come from the north or south and in eventual combination with big waves and storms. In Tarifa the sun shines all year long and lets us enjoy nice and warm temperatures. It is not getting too cold in winter (daily max temperatures from 12°C – 20°C) and staying warm but fresh enough all summer (22°C - 30°C). From June to September we recommend bringing a shorty, for the rest of the year a long wetsuit is needed.

Levante The Levante, related to our main spot is a side offshore, on some days more side shore blowing wind. The wind direction can stay the same for one day only up to several weeks – you never know! As the wind is blowing offshore, there are almost no waves and only flat water which gives us nice training conditions. The strength of the wind variates from fresh to very strong. In the afternoon, especially with the high tide it is usually getting stronger than in the morning. From June until October, there will always be a rescue boat out in the water, so we can teach and kite and stay safe even with offshore wind! Should the Levante be getting too strong and gusty, we might decide to move to another spot close by.

The Poniente is a side onshore wind coming from the west. During the summer- on sunny days -a thermal effect will make this wind stronger than predicted and it will reach its peak in the afternoon. This allows us to have great conditions, even if the forecast seems like it might not be strong enough.
Especially in winter this wind can reach gale force (storm). It is arising as an effect of low-pressure areas. With Poniente, small-to medium-sized waves are breaking close to the shore.

South wind
Typically during winter months, the rainy south wind is blowing fully onshore and brings in big waves.
Most of the time it is blowing very strong in the morning and already decreases around 2pm.
On rainy days it can come in intervals, increasing before numerous rain periods that might be rotating with sunshine approximately every half an hour.
During south wind the beach often gets flooded and a huge lagoon on the beach is arising. A perfect flat water spot which usually remains several days.

North wind
With the cold wind from the north, Tarifa bay is unfortunately laying in the wind shadow so the wind might just be reaching until the opening of the Rio Jara. But in El Palmar and Conil you might find Australian-like surf conditions during north wind.



Day of arrival

The journey by airplane from anywhere in Europe to Andalusia is very easy, short and cheap. You can fly to 4 airports and the time of the flight is approximately 2-3 hours. From Germany it’s best to fly to Malaga or Jerez de la Frontera. To these two airports you can fly with Ryanair, EasyJet, Condor and Germanwings. From Switzerland you can fly with Ryanair or Swiss, from Austria with Austrian Airlines. A bit further away but also possible to fly to is the airport of Sevilla. If you are coming from England, the closest and most popular airport to fly to is the airport of Gibraltar.
Die Entfernungen der Flughäfen nach Tarifa betragen: Gibraltar 43 km, Jerez de la Frontera 130 km, Málaga 152 km, Sevilla 214 km.

Reaching Tarifa with a rental car is the easiest way and the prices can be unbelievably cheap, especially during off-season and directly from Malaga Airport. Check it out online. Otherwise you can book our transfer or use the public transport (busses).


We are happy to organize your transfer from the airport to Tarifa. Our driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the arrival hall. He or she will be carrying a sign with your name.

Airport transfer

Transfer - Ariport Malaga (one way)
Airport transfer for maximum 4 person plus 2 boardbags.
140,00 € Book
Transfer Airport Malaga (Arrival and Departure)
Transfer Airport Malaga (One Way)
280,00 € Book
Transfer Airport Jerez (One Way)
For maximum 4 person plus 2 boardbags.
110,00 € Book
Transfer Airport Jerez (Arrival and Departure)
For maximum 4 person plus 2 boardbags.
220,00 € Book
Transfer Airport Gibraltar (One Way)
For maximum 4 person plus 2 boardbags.
65,00 € Book
Transfer Airport Gibraltar (Arrival and Departure)
For maximum 4 person plus 2 boardbags.
130,00 € Book
Transfer service (1 day)
Lift to to spot
10,00 € Book

On-site mobility

Rental car

The most comfortable and cheap way is to get a rental car at the airport. These are very cheap, especially during off-season. Street signs will lead you easily and safe towards Tarifa and the surroundings .With a rental car you will be more flexible and independent during your stay.

Club Hostel Surfers Residence

The High Flyers Kite House is a cosy hostel for kiters in the middle of Tarifa. You stay in one of the 6 rooms and share a common living room, kitchen, bathroom and roof terrace with the other guests. It is the perfect place to meet other kitesurfers and spend some relaxed time besides kiting. Book your stay in Tarifa >>

A double room on the second floor with a Romeo and Juliet balcony. The beds can be arranged as a king size bed or as two single beds.

Book the room at High Flyers Tarifa >>

Double room on the second floor. The beds can be arranged as a king size bed or as two single beds.

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Single room on the second floor with cool kite pictures.

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Very bright single room with a desk on the second floor.

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Double room on the third floor next to the roof terrace.

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Advice & Booking

Ask the team

Station manager Franky and Anabel and the team on site will gladly answer your questions about the center, the spot and the actions on site. They have detailed insider knowledge about the region.

phone +34 625466082

Hig Flyers Guest House Tarifa

Guest House High Flyers Tarifa

Book a room in the High Flyers Guesthouse Tarifa:

Guest House High Flyers Tarifa
Calle Santa Teresa 2
11380 Tarifa, Spain

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