Wingfoil Cours at KBC Limnos in Greece

Wingfoil Beginner Course

5 hours Wingfoil course for beginners in a group of 4 incl. practice equipment.


The Wing Foil Basic Course is the perfect way to learn to wing foil professionally and safely. In 1-2 days you will learn everything you need to know about wing foiling step by step in theory and practice with premium equipment from F-ONE. For maximum learning success we teach in small groups with a maximum of 4 students per wingfoil instructor. Two students* share one set of Wingfoil practice material in the course.



  • The wing, spot check, wind, material, developing propulsion, steering, interaction with the board, courses.
  • Material science, set-up, material handling


  • Flight exercises on the beach
  • Handling of the wing in the water and water start, initially with a SUP board
  • Flight exercises, first metres of riding first on the knees, later in a standing position in a displacement ride
  • Exercises: Riding courses, gaining height
  • depending on learning progress: technique for taking off with the foil
300,00 €

Wingfoil Private Training

Wingfoil Private Training 1h
1 hour Wingfoil private training
90,00 € Book
Wingfoil Private Training 2h
2 hours Wingfoil private training
175,00 € Book
Wingfoil Private Training 4h
4 hours Wingfoil private training
340,00 € Book
Wingfoil Private Training 6h
6 hour Wingfoil private training
500,00 € Book
Wingfoil Private Training 8h
8 hours Wingfoil private training
620,00 € Book

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