Wingfoil Rental at KBC Ijsselmeer

At KBC, we have been teaching and kiting with the premium brand F-ONE since 2005. The easy handling, the unique quality and performance and the constant innovations have convinced us since the first day of our cooperation. The equipment at the centres is renewed and replaced every year, serviced daily and only flawless wings and boards go into training. The F-ONE SWING V2 and the F-ONE STRIKE are available for rental, as well as the board Rocket Air, Gravity FCT and various mast lengths depending on skill level.

Wingfoil equipment is only rented to wingfoilers with VDWS Level 5 or better.

Verleih Wingfoil

Komplettausstattung Wingfoil (1 Tag)
Komplettausstattung inklusive Wing, Foil, Neopren, Prallschutzweste und Helm - Level 5 erforderlich
120,00 € Book
Wing (1 Tag)
Verleih eines Wing – Level 5 erforderlich
80,00 € Book
Foil (1 Tag)
Verleih eines Foilboards – Level 5 erforderlich
90,00 € Book

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