Wingfoil Course at KBC Brouwersdam at the dutch North Sea coast

Wingfoil Basic Course

5 hours Wing Foil groupcourse for beginners incl. practice material.


The Wing Foil Basic Course is the perfect way to learn to wing foil professionally and safely. In 1-2 days you will learn all the essentials about wing foiling step by step in theory and practice with premium equipment from F-ONE. For maximum learning success we teach in small groups with a maximum of 4 students per wingfoil instructor. After the instruction, in groups of two, students receive Wingfoil equipment to sharer and practice together.



  • The wing, spot check, wind, material, developing propulsion, steering, interaction with the board, courses.
  • Material science, set-up, material handling


  • Flight exercises on the beach
  • Handling of the wing in the water and water start
  • Flight exercises, first metres of riding first on the knees, later in a standing position in a displacement ride
  • Exercises: Riding courses, gaining height
  • Depending on the learning progress: Technique for taking off with the foil
285,00 €

Wingfoil Camp

4-day wing foil camp with 2.5 hours of instruction daily (theory and practice, each level) including high-quality wing foil equipment from F-ONE.


On 4 days everything revolves around wingfoiling and you can practice under supervision, get valuable tips and improve your technique. For maximum learning success we train in small groups with students of a similar level with a maximum of 4 students per wingfoil instructor. The entire event has a maximum of 12 participants. A maximum of two students share a Wingfoil equipment set.

Optional equipment hire available on day 5 for €50 per person.

Please state your riding level when booking.

If there is a windless day or a day with too much wind over 25 knots, we will do alternative activities together, such as theory sessions, equipment lessons, wakeboarding, stand up paddling or similar.

The activities are included in the event price. Therefore, we do not issue vouchers for windless days at the Wingfoil Camps.

525,00 €

Wingfoil Private Lesson

1 hour Wingfoil private training incl. exercise material


The one-hour Wingfoil private training is a practice session that is completely tailored to you and your needs - regardless of whether you are a Wingfoil beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Your Wingfoil teacher will focus exclusively on your learning goals and tailor all exercises for you.

Your practice material is included in the price during the lesson.

95,00 €

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