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Welcome to our KBC Kite Cruise in the Red Sea

Tours: all year round (best time from May to November)

With the KBC Kite Cruise, you will experience your kiteboarding adventure in paradise: Join us on the journey and experience unforgettable days on the ship with us. We follow the wind and head for the best kite spots in the Red Sea. This means kitesurfing, SUP, snorkeling and fun on the boat. You live 4 or 7 days in a double room on our ship and are fully catered.

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Your deluxe kitesurf holiday

KBC Kite Cruise Profile

KBC Kite Cruise movie

On tour in the Red Sea: Enjoy the movie of the KBC Kite Cruise - Red Sea ...

... the movie of the kitesurf adventure with the KBC Kite Cruise.


Our KBC Kite Cruise Boat is the "New Francesca" - a 88ft ship of the Colona Divers fleet in El Gouna. Safety is paramount at Colona Divers. That's why Colona's boats are fully serviced every year in dry dock. The "New Francesca" has 8 cabins for our guests with two beds and one bathroom each. Two more bathrooms are on the dive deck. Meeting point below deck is the saloon with air conditioning and TV, as well as two more deck and a sundeck.

  • Length: 27m
  • Width: 7.25m
  • Draft: 2,30m
  • Engines: 2x Scania 350HP
Any questions? Send us an e-mail!

Equipment Pool

You would like to participate in the KBC Kite Cruise, but do not have your own material? Then book the premium material package. Throughout the days on the boat, our premium F-ONE kite, board and harness equipment is available. Choose "Premium Complete Rental" right when booking the KBC Kite Cruise.

You need a license that complies with VDWS level 6.

Relax & fun

After your kite sessions delicious meals are awaiting you. Afterwards, we let the evenings end sociably on board. We enjoy the clear, pleasant nights on deck under the huge starry sky. During the day we also have some time for the fantastic underwater world. Snorkeling equipment is waiting for you aboard, with which you can explore the reefs, the colorful fish world and the endless turquoise. Alternatively, you grab a SUP and paddle over the crystal clear water and look at the underwater world from above.

The white sandy beaches of the islands invite you to play beach volleyball.

Food and drinks

On board is a small kitchen team that provides us with fresh, delicious buffets every morning, noon and evening.

Free advice

Island "Tawila"

"Tawila" is Arabic and means "flat". And flat is Tawila: A flat desert island over which the warm wind coming from the north-westerly direction sweeps away. Leewards of the island you will find various long spots with shallow water. The wind blows offshore here. That means mirror-smooth water for the finest freestyle conditions.

The rescue boat operates during the kitesurf sessions for your safety.

Island "Ashrafi"

The island of Ashrafi is the northernmost of the island group in the Red Sea off El Gouna. Ashrafi is a multi-square-kilometer shallow lagoon. It is enclosed by sandbanks, i. completely protected from waves.

Outside the sandbanks, wave enthusiasts and experienced kite surfers can expect a wave spot.

Island "Geisum"

The island Geisum consists of a northern and a southern island. There are beautiful kite spots around the island offering both sideshore and offshore conditions. It also offers a downwinder along both islands.

Any questions?


KBC Kite Cruise (4 days) June 1-5, 2020 695€ Booking

There are no fixed dates for the KBC Kite Cruise. The cruise can be done anytime on request. The minimum number of participants is 9 people. Please contact us, if you like to plan a cruise.


7 days / 4 day boat tour with accomodation and stop at the finest kitesurf spots of the Red Sea.

We will welcome you at the aiport and bring you directly to the boat. Meet the other kite buddies for the upcoming days and spend the first evening with the crew on the boat. The first morning we will leave El Gouna harbour to head to our first kite spot. We choose the spots depending on the wind forecast - you will kite each day at the spot with the best conditions of the day. Your KBC instructor will kitesurf with you, he will help to improve your skills and teach you new tricks. Our chefs will prepare for each meal large, fresh and tasty buffets. Enjoy incredible sunsets in the evenings and watch a stunning sky full of stars before you head to bed. In case of no wind you may snorkel with dolphins, play volleyball on an untouched island and relax while SUPing on a quiet turqouise sea. It’s gonna be a trip which you will never forget!

Minimum VDWS Level 6 required. The minimum number of participants is 9.

KBC Kite Cruise 4 days  695€
KBC Kite Cruise 7 days 1199€


  • return transfer from hotel/ airport to the boat
  • 4 or 6 days kite safari
  • 4 or 7 nights on the boat full board incl. water and soft drinks
  • share of double cabin* with fan and private toilet / shower
  • kite rescue service by zodiac
  • pump station (high pressure tanks with air gun)
  • snorkel equipment
  • SUP
  • beach volleyball
  • safari tax

at extra charge:

  • beer (2€/ bottle)
  • wine (12€/ bottle)
  • complete premium equipment rental (kites, board, harness, wetsuit) 398€
  • The flight to Hurghada is not included.

* On request you can book a single room for 1599 €. Please note "single room" in the comment field of your booking. We will check your request and if available, will confirm.

Checklist KBC Kite Cruise

This you cannot forget:

  • Your international passport which still has to be valid for at least 6 months
  • Swimming gear, e.g. bikini, bathing suit, boardshorts
  • Flipflops, beach slippers
  • Sports-, or sunglasses with band, rather polarized
  • Head protection, e.g. hat or cap
  • Plug adapter
  • Waterproof sunblock with high protection factor (Island Tribe Sun protection)
  • UV protective garments like a lycrashirt (at KBC Shop) and boardshorts
  • Neoprene shoes (at KBC Shop)
  • Shorty (May-June, October-November)

This you can leave at home:

  • Tablets for diarrhea – only the local ´Antinal` from the pharmacy will help.
  • Kite pump; we have a compressor and pumps for all frequent valves.

Do you have any further questions?  We are happy to further assist you!

Holiday Diary


7:00 am: The night was perfect - I slept like a baby. With the movement of the boat it did not take me more than 5 minutes to fall asleep - until now. I did not wake up once inbetween.

8:30 am: Everybody is awake and excited what the upcoming week will bring. We are leaving the harbour and the chefs are preparing a huge breakfast for us - it smells good, already.

10:30 am: My stomach is so full. The breakfast was too good to stop. I hope I can close my harness still…. We arrived at Geisum and are getting ready for our first session.

14:30 pm: I love it! The spot is a beautiful flat water lagoon - all tricks seem easier in this condition. 

20:00 pm: What a day! In the afternoon I finally landed my backroll to blind, which I was trying for so long! Thanks to the KBC instructor. Now I am stuffed with a tasty bbq. I am enjoying a glass of wine and am ready to go to bed soon.

What a day – I am deadly exhausted, but so happy!


07:00 am: I am up early, again. I love my cosy rocking bed - I sleep as tight as never before. :)

12:30 pm: We just came back from the water. We were kiting between mangrooves. What a stunning scenery! This place is so beautiful. Now I will rest a bit on deck, grab a snack and then I am off for another session.

18:00 pm: While kiting I met a fisher boat between the mangrooves. It is a pitty that I haven´t had my camera with me. That would have been an amazing picture. So beautiful! My full body hurts – my muscle are already aching from all this kiting. But it feels so good!

21:00 pm: What an amazing dinner. I don´t know how the chefs manage to create such buffets in that tiny kitchen. They are magicians! Now I´ll grab a drink, relax on deck by watching the stars ...

... and then off to bed again.


08:00 am: We already left our position of the night and are moving by boat further up North to Ashrafi. Today we will be on the water all day. The spot is supposed to be an a few kilometers long lagoon. I am excited!

21:30 pm: OMG! I thought I spent the last two days in paradise. But what I have seen today is…. Its indescribable. The lagoon is huuuuuge. It is all over knee deep, shallow water. And the color – I never imagined that water can be that turquoise. We did not want to stop kiting. The zodiac brought us pizza slices, sandwiches and drinks for lunch. And even after kiting all day we were all so full of adrenaline that we did a downwinder back to Geisum. After a shower and dinner I am already in bed.

I'm gonna sleep with a huge smile, tonight.


09:00 am: We just arrived at Ashrafi, again. We will spend another day at this incredible beautiful place on earth. I can´t wait for another day in paradise.

17:30 pm: You think it can not get any better and still there is more. Today a few of us very advanced riders took our waveboards and went all the way upwind till we found an opening out of the lagoon. We found extremely high waves out there - we went out to the light house. It was amazing! Such a different spot, just a couple of meters away from that flat turquoise lagoon. Nature is breathtaking!

Now we are off to Gubal, our next overnight spot.


09:30 am: I just woke up. My body is aching - what an amazing trip so far! Every muscle hurts - all of us feel the same. But we all have a massive smile. We are in pain happily. :)

11:30 am: Only two of us want to kite, today. The rest is sleeping, relaxing and enjoying a day on the beach. The sand here is like powder. It is so soft and beautiful.

The perfect spot to relax and recover.


08:00 am: The last day of our kite cruise started. We are all keen for one more day on the water. Even though we are all exhausted we want to make most out of the day. We are heading to Tawila, now.

13:00 pm: Today I managed the frontroll to the left. I never thought I would even dare to do it. The left was never my favorite side. But after all the time on the water during the last week and this perfect flat water lagoon the KBC instructor convinced me to give it a try. And I managed! I am so proud. Two new tricks within one week. I will quickly have lunch and then I am back on the water for one last session.

18:30 pm: All is packed and we are enjoying one last sunset beer while heading back to El Gouna. All of us are over the moon! What an amazing week. Tomorrow at this time I will be on the plane. The week went too fast!

I will definitely be back for another trip, next year.

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KBC Kite Cruise (4 days) June 1-5, 2020 695€ Booking

There are no fixed dates for the KBC Kite Cruise. The cruise can be done anytime on request. The minimum number of participants is 9 people. Please contact us, if you like to plan a cruise.