Buzzha Beach Restaurant El Gouna at Kiteboarding Club Kite Beach

Delicious Food


Veggie Omelette (Veg.)
Big omelette with tomatos, peppers, onions and cheese, 2 slices of crispy toast 
75 LE

Egyptian Breakfast (Veg.)
Foul (brown beans), scrambled eggs and feta cheese with tomatos and Egyptian bread
80 LE

Buzzha Müsli (Veg.)
Fresh fruits of the season with oats, raisins and yoghurt
120 LE


Spring Rolls
Freshly made, filled with vegetables and served with sweet chilly sauce
80 LE

Chicken Nuggets 
Small pieces of chicken filet pane with french fries
90 LE

Veal sausage with homemade tomato curry sauce served with french fries 
140 LE

Tuna Sandwich
Sandwich with tasty tuna cream, tomatos and lettuce served with french fries
80 LE

Beef Sandwich
With stripes of beef filet, tomatos and rucola served with french fries
100 LE


Greek Salad (Veg.)
Feta, onion rings, olives and tomatos on green salad with french dressing
110 LE

Couscous Salad
Couscous with fresh vegetables, marinated chicken and a light yoghurt mint dressing 
130 LE

Premium Beef Salad
Beef stripes, feta, mushrooms, sesame on mixed salad with oil & balsamico vinegar
150 LE


Pasta Arrabiata (Veg.)
Macaroni with fresh tomato sauce
90 LE

Stir Fried Pasta
Asia style stir fried vegetables, chicken and pasta
140 LE

Falafel (Veg.)
Falafel with salad, mint sauce, tahina (sesame dip) with Egyptian bread
100 LE

Rösti Zurich
Hash browns served with slices of beef and mushrooms in creamy sauce
210 LE

Tuna Wrap
Wrap with tasty tuna cream, lettuce and tomatos served with salad
100 LE

Chicken Wrap
Wrap with chicken breast filet, lettuce and cheese served with salad
130 LE

Cheese Burger
Pure beef burger with cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce with french fries
140 LE

Chicken Curry Tropic
Chicken filet with yellow curry sauce, fresh fruits and rice
145 LE

Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken filet with homemade Teriyaki Sauce, stir fried vegetables and rice
155 LE

KBC Steak
250g of tender beef filet with mushroom sauce/pepper sauce with french, fries rice or salad
280 LE

Pizza (only on "Pizza Day")

Margharita (Veg.)
with tomato and mozzarella
90 LE

Vegetaria (Veg.)
With carots, zucchini, spinach, onions, peppers, garlic
100 LE

With beef-bolognese
110 LE

With spinach and feta cheese
105 LE

With ham and pineapples
110 LE

With fresh tomato, rucola and parmesan cheese
115 LE

With dried beef stripes and rucola
115 LE

With Tuna and onions
115 LE

With chicken slices marinated in tandoori-yoghurt sauce, coriander leaves
120 LE

With chicken breast filet slices, banana slices, pepper and yellow curry sauce
120 LE

With salami, mushrooms and sweet corn
120 LE

With salami and fresh chilli
120 LE

Tasty Drinks

Soft Drinks

Bottled Water 0,5l/1,5l
20|30 LE

Water Carafe (filtered water) 1l
20 LE

Coke, Coke Light, Fanta, Sprite
30 LE

Tonic, Soda
30 LE

Apple Juice with Soda XXL
65 LE

Red Bull
65 LE

Hot Drinks

Latte Macchiato
50 LE

American Coffee
40 LE

35 LE

Black Tea/Fresh Mint Tea
30 LE

Fresh Ginger Tea
65 LE

Hot Chocolate
50 LE

Shakes & Juices

Buzzha Iced Coffee XXL
90 LE

Oreo Iced Chocolate
90 LE

Snickers Power XXL
150 LE

Iced Tea (black tea with lemon)
60 LE

Karkade (hibiscus iced tea)
75 LE

Fresh Lemon Juice
40 LE

Mintwater XXL
90 LE

Fresh Juice (Orange, Mango, Strawberry or Mixed Juice)
60 LE

Milkshake Mango or Banana
70 LE

Milkshake Strawberry
70 LE

Mango Lassi
80 LE


Stella, Sakara or Heineken
60 LE

Shandy (Radler)
70 LE


Sharazade (Glass | Bottle)
70 LE | 280 LE

Cape Bay (Glass | Bottle)
90 LE | 360 LE

Sharazade with Soda
95 LE

open from 8:30am – 9:30pm

Call 020-122-66 10 878 for a reservation.