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Welcome to our luxurious KBC in egypt

Kiteschool El Gouna Red Sea KBC pool Certificate of Excellence
Official VDWS Watersport centre

Der KBC El Gouna is open. Here you find up-to-date corona information.

Season: Opened all year round.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced kitesurfer: KBC El Gouna, with its sunshine, clear blue waters and constant wind, offers you the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday and fast improvements. Our two large and shallow lagoons are more than two square kilometer in size and are the biggest in the Red Sea. Our professional English and German speaking VDWS-instructors accompany you safely and our beach staff is at your service all day long.

Choose between more than 150 top quality F-ONE kites and 80 boards from our rental and relax after your session with a refreshing drink at the beach bar or order one of our many healthy snacks in the beach restaurant. Also don´t forget to book a sport massage in our very own massage therapy. Relax at the swimming pool (free of charge), meet friends for life and enjoy your luxurious kite holiday.

Mo & Birte
Station manager

Birte and Mo at KBC El Gouna

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Kitesurfing Instruction

Beginner Courses

Beginner Courses

Our teaching philosophy aims to enable all students to practice safely on their own after the course, with both kite and board.

Beginner Courses prices & booking
Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses

When you already have some kite experience and at the same time master the theory, this advanced course is a good choice for you. 

Advanced Courses prices & booking
Individual training

Individual training

An experienced instructor will teach you the tricks of the trade. He will help you in no time to achieve your goal safely.

  • Private training for kiters of all levels
  • Training for children (as of 10 years old)
  • Riding technique tips
  • Manoeuvres and freestyle tricks
  • Introduction waveboard
  • Introduction foil kitesurfing
Individual training prices & booking


The KBC kite-event consists of a week of lessons taught by our professional and licensed VDWS- instructors. The event offers you a wide range of activities and targets kiters of all levels: beginners, intermediates and even experienced kiters.

Unluckily we offer the KBC Kite Event only in German language.

Event prices & booking

Wingfoil Course

Learn wingfoil

Wingfoiling is the new, incredible way to glide over the water, almost to float - an absolutely new feeling of locomotion. ...and easy to learn. But even with this sport, you should definitely take a professional course beforehand. Here you will learn the basics for a successful start in wingfoiling quickly, sustainably and above all safely.

More about Wingfoiling

Wingfoil Course

The Wing Foil Basic Course at KBC El Gouna is the perfect way to learn to wing foil professionally and safely. In 1-2 days, you will learn everything you need to know about wing foiling step by step in theory and practice in a small group of 2-4 people with premium equipment from F-ONE. If you prefer to learn in private lessons, book the Wingfoil private training.

All Wingfoil Courses

Renting gear

Booking rental

  • 150 Kites in all sizes ranging from 5m² until 17m² of F-ONE
  • 80 Boards – all recent F-ONE Freestyle- and Freerideboards in all sizes, also foilboards
  • Harness (Prolimit Hybrid seat-/waist harness) from XS to XXL, also available in children sizes
  • Wetsuits (Prolimit en Mystic) from XS to XXL, also available in children sizes

Book upfront and the perfect gear will always be available for you, also when you need to change gear multiple times a day. To be able to rent gear, you need to have a level 3 VDWS license (available on the spot).

Rental prices & booking

Diamond Service

This is the most luxurious way of kitesurfing. Your premium gear ready to go! We will advise you, pump your kite and attach the lines so the only thing left for you to do is to start kiting! When the wind changes you can swap kites in no time.

Diamond Service prices & booking

Wingfoil Equipment Rental

At KBC El Gouna, you can rent first-class F-ONE wingfoil equipment from the centre directly at the kite beach. Book in advance and you will always have the right equipment, even if you have to change several times a day.

To rent, you need a licence that corresponds to the VDWS level 5.

Wingfoil Rental

Storage, Beach Use and Service

Kitesurf Storage at KBC El Gouna


  • Storage rooms directly at the spot with direct access to the pump station (compressor)
  • Guest storage with comfortable storage boxes for your private kite equipment
  • Event storage for groups
  • Closed overnight
  • Night watch service
  • Security cameras
  • Changing rooms and lockers
+ Open from 8:30am to 7pm
Use of the Private Beach at KBC El Gouna

Private Beach Use

  • Compressor
  • Launching and landing service by beach staff
  • Lifeboat
  • Board bath
  • Kite washing line
  • Hot water shower and toilets
  • Use of the centre: freshwater swimming pool, Flintstone Gym, all sun terraces, games room, playground, children's playhouse and more.
+ free Wifi
Kitesurf Rescue Service at KBC El Gouna

Rescue Service

  • The lifeboat will help you within minutes if you have a problem in the deep water outside the reef. It will help you if you can no longer walk upwind, rescue your kite or board and help you with any deep water problems. Inside the lagoon, the boat can only operate at high tide due to the depth of the water. But in this area you will find shallow water everywhere.
+ Service by the beach staff
Storage, Rescue & Service at KBC El gouna

Storage, Rescue & Service

All kitesurfers who kitesurf at the KBC kitesurfing beach register in advance at the reception. In return, they benefit from the use of the centre's complete infrastructure and service from arrival to departure.

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Center Profile

Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Kitesurfing at the Red Sea.

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Service & Spot Usage Fee

Kiteboarding Club lies directly at the beach, close to the hotels in the north of El Gouna. Our center provides everything for a fun and relaxing kite holiday.

  • Storage boxes for your kite gear
  • Night guard service
  • Compressors for pumping your kites
  • Our experienced beach personnel help you with starting and landing your kites
  • The rescue boat is available within minutes when you are having trouble in the deep water
  • At the end of your holiday you can wash your kites with tap water in our wash street and hang them up to dry
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Lockers for valuable items
  • Large changing rooms
  • Showers and toilets
  • Three sundecks, a shaded chill out area, a large games room with table tennis, billiard, kicker and a wide range of board games.

Are you on a holiday with non-kiters? Your entourage is also more than welcome to join us at KBC and use the infrastructure free of charge.

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Kite beach & lagoon

Kiteboarding Club El Gouna is situated at the biggest lagoon of the Red Sea. We have two spots, two ideal lagoons to practice, which are only reserved for kitesurfers. You'll find a detailed description in the spotmap:

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Spot 1 lies at the center. It is a long private sandy beach with a width of more than 800 meters. You have enough space to start and land your kite or to leave it on the beach. The shallow lagoon of several square kilometers in size is situated at our private beach and makes it easy and safe to start in the water.

Spot 2: The second beach lies 800 meters north of our famous KBC center. We do our KBC events here but more advanced kiters are also more than welcome to join us for a bit of practice as there is enough space for everyone. The lagoon is around 800 meters wide and knee deep. You can barely find stones or reef here. You can reach the spot by making a small upwinder (about 10 minutes for an advanced kiter).

We are happy to show you both spots on site.

repair service

Our workshop can repair any damaged kites, lines and bars faster than any station or shop in the region. Years of experience guarantee professional repairs of any kind. Using only high-quality spare parts and sewing threads, our repairs are very long lasting. 

  • Repairing holes in the bladders
  • Replacing broken valves
  • Replacing broken kite lines
  • Repairing burst front tubes and large lacerations in the kite material
Visit us on the spot

KBC Kite Cruise – Red Sea

KBC Kite Cruise - Your kitesurf adventure in paradise: Join us on the journey and experience an unforgettable week on the ship with us. We follow the wind and head for the best kite spots on the Red Sea. This means kitesurfing, SUP, snorkeling and fun on the boat. You live 7 days in a double room on our ship and are fully catered.

About KBC Kite Cruise


The legendary boat trip takes you to a dream kite spot on Tawila Island. The strong wind at the open sea makes Tawila a kite paradise for flat water lovers. Behind the very flat island („tawila“ is the Arabic word for „flat“) you find a kilometer long speedtrack. At this side of the island the wind is offshore. There will be a rescue boat on the island to guarantee your safety but nevertheless, each customer needs to have at least a VDWS-level 5. We organize the boat trip upon request.

When you are ready for this unforgettable experience, inform the office asap and we will do our best to find a group of minimum 10 participants.

  • Enjoy a day on one of the most modern safari boats in the Red Sea.
  • We start at 7AM and are back in the harbor after sunset. That way you can enjoy your island kite sessions to the fullest.
  • 69€ per person including transportation from the hotel to the boat and back, a large breakfast and lunch buffet, multiple drinks during the trip (only alcoholic drinks will be charged extra) and an extra rescue boat for those who need help when kiting.
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Test & purchase

Before buying equipment, you need to be able to test the gear you want to buy. By testing, you are able to find the kite, board or harness that suits you best. We give you the possibility to test all our gear free of charge: F-ONE kites and boards and Manera harnesses. 

Let us know, we are happy to further assist you!


Next to perfect kitesurfing conditions, KBC El Gouna also offers a wide range of activities, which are fun for both kitesurfers and non-kiters on windless days:

  • Three large sundecks with sunbeds and a shaded chill out area with bean bags
  • Swimming pool (heated during the winter months)
  • Yoga studio offering a variety of yoga classes
  • Games room with kicker, billiard and table tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Free snorkeling at the KBC reef (mask, snorkel and fins are available for free in the rental)
  • Daytrip dolphin spotting & snorkeling
  • Wakeboarding in Cable Park El Gouna
  • Horse riding at the beach
  • Quad tour in the desert
  • Dinner with Bedouins
We are happy to help you on the spot.

NEW: Swimming Pool

The KBC El Gouna is the first kite station in El Gouna with a swimming pool: 6m x 9m (70 - 200cm deep), plus kid's pool (25cm deep). The pool has massage jets and is heated: after your kitesession you can relax in the warm water. Even in winter times, the pool hase a temperature of about 32 ° C.

You'll find comfortable sunbeds around the swimming pool, just decide: shadow or sun? The use of the pool is free of charge for KBC guests and their company.

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In the KBC yoga studio "Shala" at the kite beach we offer a wide program, such as Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. All dates can be found on our weekly calendar at the reception. 

Yoga schedule

babysitter service

You can book our babysitter service per hour. Contact us before your departure when you want to book a babysitter during your stay at KBC El Gouna.

Mail us!

Party & happenings

For a tasty snack and refreshing drink you need to be at the Buzzha Beach Bar at our center. On Sundays we organize our KBC kicker tournament and on Tuesday we have our famous „Kitersnight“ next to the center – with an all you can eat buffet and live music from our musical kite instructor Vanni. Do not forget to have a look at our blackboard for more parties and activities in and around KBC.

Below an overview of the fixed parties and happenings in El Gouna:

  • Monday „Beer Happy Hour“ in Jobo´s
  • Thursday „Open Mic Night“ in Club House with afterwards „DuPort Party“ (April to October)
  • Saturday „Movienight“ in Mosaique Hotel
  • Sunday „Urban Sundays“ in Club House (April to October)
Please ask us for all events and parties on the spot.

Since plastic is not fantastic

KBC El Gouna is participating in the KBC 4 Clean Oceans initiative: Disposable bottles cause a huge amount of plastic waste. At a kite center such as KBC El Gouna (with an average of 150 guests and 40 employees), around 200 empty plastic bottles arrive every day. That's 73,000 a year! The plastic bottles end up in the garbage, when loading garbage disposal unfortunately often on the road and then blow in the worst case into the sea. We want to solve this problem and dispense with disposable plastic bottles.

Therefore, we offer clean, filtered, healthy drinking water from decanters or the KBC drinking bottle at the center. The bottle is a beautiful reusable stainless steel bottle from mizu, which can be refilled again and again and has a very long life.

Learn more

SUP in El Gouna

Leihe SUPs oder nimm an der geführten SUP Tour über das Rote Meer in die Lagunen von El Gouna teil.

Eine beliebte Aktivität an windarmen Tagen in El Gouna.


We have our own massage therapy. Our specialized massage team relaxes muscles and prevents muscle aches after kitesurfing. Link: The complete massage program including Intensive sport massages, relaxing full body massages, professional feet reflex massages and even aromatherapy massages can easily be booked on the spot.

Book massage on site.

Bar & Restaurant

The beach restaurant serves something for everyone: excellent salads, sandwiches and steaks. The portions are assembled for hungry kiters like the Rösti Zürich or the steak sandwich with fries. More in the mood for a healthy snack? Then choose from a wide range of delicious salads. The restaurant is opened all day long. We also have several theme days, like the pizza day – stone oven pizza – or the Mixed BBQ day with Arabic specialties!

In main season on Tuesdays we organize the „Kitersnight“ with a tasty all you can eat buffet and live music.

In the Beach Bar directly at the center there are soft drinks and beer, fabulous cocktails, an excellent Latte Macciato and snacks.

Buzzha Beach Restaurant menu

Kiters Night with Joja Wendt

Every Tuesday it's Kiters Night at the KBC Restaurant at Buzzha Beach. Once we had a special guest – Joja Wendt, the famous pianist and composer from Germany.

Join Kiters Night!

Kiters Night with Adel Tawil

Once we had a special guest – Adel Tawil, the famous popstar from Germany.

Join Kiters Night!

Work & Kite

Are you bored with your home office and longing for the kite beach?
Move your workplace to the wind and the sun!

El Gouna offers workcation packages with hotel discounts, workspaces, WiFi, fitness, babysitting and more. There are also a variety of individual flats. At KBC El Gouna you'll get attractive discounts for your longer stay. Talk to us!

Work & Kite in El Gouna

NEW: Pay with Bitcoin

At KBC El Gouna you can pay with Bitcoin now. You just need your smartphone with an installed Bitcoin Wallet. At the checkout we generate a QR code for you. You scan this through the app and pay with your bitcoins.

On site, we work with the Bitcoin wallet "jaxx".

So easy!

Checklist KBC El Gouna

This you cannot forget:

  • Your international passport which still has to be valid for at least 6 months
  • Swimming gear, e.g. bikini, bathing suit, boardshorts
  • Flipflops, beach slippers
  • Sports-, or sunglasses with band, rather polarized
  • Head protection, e.g. hat or cap
  • Plug adapter
  • Long pants, warm sweatshirt, light jacket (January - March)

This you need but can also be rented or bought on the spot:

This you can leave at home:

  • Tablets for diarrhea – only the local ´Antinal` from the pharmacy will help.
  • Kite pump; we have a compressor and pumps for all frequent valves.

Do you have any further questions?  We are happy to further assist you!


Wind, Weather & Tides

Wind & Weather

The wind almost always blows side-onshore (direction north- northwest) and comes directly from the Red Sea, which makes it very stable and not turbulent. Mostly we have more wind than predicted in most weather forecasts. Our experience tells us that Windguru gives the most accurate forecasts for our spot. The ´modified wind´ or ´wind gusts´ forecasts the real wind here in our spot.

In winter (December to February) the wind is not as stable as the rest of the year. During that time there are more light and strong windy days. The air temperatures are still mild during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down it gets fresh. So better bring warm long clothes and a beanie.

In spring and fall we advise a shorty. Temperatures in that time of year are still enjoyable – around 22 degrees – comparable to European summers.

In summertime you only need a lycra and boardshorts. But certainly do not forget to bring good protective sunblock all year round!


Wind statistic El Gouna Kiteboarding Club measurements kite wind

High and low tide in our lagoon

The water difference in our shallow lagoon is dependable on the tides, between 20-70cm. Generally, the water level is a little higher in winter so you can safely kite in the lagoon. In summer however, and especially around full moon, the lagoon can be completely drained for several hours. During that time, you can only kitesurf behind our reef. But don´t you worry, our rescue boat is always available in case you need help.

Datum  7:00  8:00  9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00

Current wind measurements

Our KBC El Gouna weather station will give an update of the current wind measurements every 5 minutes.



Day of arrival

You can easily reach El Gouna from Europe.
These flight companies offer scheduled flights to Hurghada:

  • Easyjet (London Gatwick, Geneva)
  • Thomas Cook (Birmingham, Manchester, London Gatwick)
  • Egypt Air (Cairo)
  • Aeroflot (Russia)
  • Condor (Germany)
  • Transavia (The Netherlands)
  • Neos (from Milan, Italy)
  • ...and many more

You will reach El Gouna after a 30-minute drive from teh Hurghada airport.

We will find the best offer for your holiday.


We would be happy to organize your taxi from the airport to the center or the hotel. Our driver awaits you in the arrival hall and will be holding up a sign with your name and KBC El Gouna logo. He will drive you to your hotel or the center without making any stops. Our taxis are much faster than the tour operator shuttles as they still have to make many stops on the way to drop off their customers at their hotels. This can easily take 2 hours. Our drivers will get you to your end destination in roughly 30 minutes.

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer by Car (One Way)
One way pick up from Hurghada airport to El Gouna (or back) for maximum 2 person and 1 boardbag.
20,00 € Book
Airport Transfer by Car (Roundtrip)
Return transfer from Hurghada airport to El Gouna and back for maximum 2 person and 1 boardbag.
40,00 € Book
Airport Transfer by Minivan (One Way)
One way pick up from Hurghada airport to El Gouna (or back) for maximum 5 persons and 5 boardbags.
27,00 € Book
Airport Transfer by Minivan (Roundtrip)
Return transfer from Hurghada airport to El Gouna and back for maximum 5 persons and 5 boardbags.
54,00 € Book

Mobility in El Gouna

Tok Tok 
An important kind of transportation is the Tok Tok. It will bring you everywhere, no matter the distance, for only 20 Egyptian Pound (0,95 GBP) per person per way. Explain the driver you want to go to “Buzzha Beach” and he will know exactly where to go.

In addition to the Tok Toks, there are also taxis, which are also relatively inexpensive.



Hotel map El Gouna

Hotels in El Gouna
El Gouna has more than 12 hotels and 4 resorts, varying from basic to luxurious. As El Gouna´s quality standard is higher than in Hurghada, even the simple hotels here are certainly recommendable. Captains Inn, Ali Pasha and Mosaique are the typical kite hotels and situated near the kite centers.
If you are not really fond of residing in a hotel, you can choose from hundreds of holiday homes El Gouna has to offer. It´s range going from simple studios to luxurious villas with pool. When you travel in group, you might take this into consideration as these rental houses are most of the time more beautiful and cheaper than a hotel room.


El Gouna Marina Hotel Captains Inn

The 3-star Captains Inn is located right in the marina of El Gouna, the heart of the city: next to small boutiques, cafes and lounges, restaurants and night clubs. The weekly marina street festival with live music and shows takes place in front of the hotel throughout the summer.


El Gouna Marina Hotel Turtles Inn

The 3-star hotel Turtles Inn has just been renovated: the 28 rooms have been designed by young artists: vibrant, bright colors, urban-chic decor and floors with geometric stone patterns fill the rooms with Rio de Janeiro's flair: lively, stimulating, refreshing. The young hotel is located right in the middle of the marina next to the Captains Inn.


[Translate to english:] Hotel Ali Pasha El Gouna

Hotel Ali Pasha*** As El Gouna's quality standard is higher than in Hurghada, even the simple hotels here are certainly recommendable. Ali Pasha is the typical kite hotel and situated in the Abu Tig Marina in the centre of El Gouna. The rooms are small, but tidy. You can relax in the two fresh water swimming pools.


El Gouna Hotel Casa Cook

Casa Cook At the 5-star Hotel Casa Cook, you will stay directly on the kite beach (500m walking distance) in a modern hotel that combines luxurious living with closeness to nature and serves as an oasis of tranquillity for design-savvy travellers in particular (no-kids policy). Whether in standard rooms or in our villas with their own private pool, Casa Cook El Gouna welcomes you with breakfast or half board in a casual atmosphere without compromising privacy and seclusion.


El Gouna Dawar El Omda

Dawar El Omda**** Hotel Dawar El Omda The four-star Hotel Dawar El Omda is modelled on a mansion of an Upper Egyptian city ruler and offers exclusively adult guests (over 18) a perfect retreat in the middle of El Gouna's lively city centre, complete with pool. On the edge of the picturesque lagoons of Kafr El Gouna Island, the hotel's beige-toned façade with its wooden elements shows the influence of traditional Egyptian architecture, with arches and domes adding an authentic touch. Upon entering the lobby, with its colourful Egyptian-style seating area, antique furniture and handcrafted décor, guests are greeted by our friendly staff dressed in traditional attire.


[Translate to english:] Hotel Ocean View El Gouna am Roten Meer

The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel**** Hotel Ocean View is a very quite hotel due to it's no-kids-policy. You enjoy an amazing view on the Red Sea and the old cosy Marina with it's beautiful yachts. The hotel has a refreshing pool and a small jetty for an easy access to the sea. We like the terrasse with its lovely seaview. It's only a 6 minute way by tok tok to the KBC kitesurf beach.


El Gouna Hotel Resport Spa Moevenpick

The 5-star Moevenpick Resort & Spa is located on the seafront with beautiful sandy beaches, pools, playgrounds and great sports facilities: tennis, squash and more. It has different restaurants, e.g. Seafood, Mediterranean specialties and Thai cuisine.

Our guests say...

Florian at KBC El Gouna

"It's my third time at KBC El Gouna and will definitively come back. The KBC team is awesome. Every time I return to El gouna I am excited to meet them again."

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Emmilie at KBC El Gouna

"I just passed my Basic Kitesurf Course and learned kitesurfing. The group course was great and I learned a lot. I had a very safe feeling all the time. I am hooked!"

Basic Course

Fabo at KBC El Gouna

"Since 2005 I've been coming to El Gouna as an event trainer with Kitecity for up to 10 weeks a year, and I feel very well at KBC – like in a family. Also KBC has a great event spot."

KBC Kitesurf Event

Advice and booking

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Here you can quickly and easily book all services at KBC El Gouna directly.

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Any questions? Ask the team.

KBC El Gouna

Do you have any questions about the centre, the spot and the activities in El Gouna?

Station managers Birte and Mo and the team on site will be happy to answer all your questions. They also have detailed insider knowledge about the region.

Ask the KBC team

...or use WhatsApp: +20 122 661 0878
or call via Skype +20 120 444 2433


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