Course for kids

[Translate to english:] Kitesurfkurse fuer Kinder am Kiteboarding Club

Kids kitesurf course

6 hours kite course for children (from 10 years) on 2 days


The training for children starts with 3 hours of participation in the normal basic course with a small theory unit, a spot check, kite assembly and disassembly, 3-step safety system and trainer kite flying.

The further part follows for safety reasons in 3 hours of individual supervision - 1.5 hours per day each.

280,00 €

Entry age
When a child is ready to learn kitesurfing depends on the development and willingness of the child. Required is a good ability to concentrate, a good body and balance feeling and of course the desire to learn kitesurfing. It is also necessary that the child can swim very safely. It should be able to stay afloat for 15 minutes without problems. When these requirements are met depends on the individual child. In exceptional cases, an 8-year-old child can certainly meet these requirements, otherwise it is more likely to be a 10-year-old. We will be happy to discuss this in advance by e-mail, on the phone or on site.

Special feature
Kids' instruction is not the same as adults' instruction, but differs fundamentally in the material, the methodology and the requirements for the spot: Material Kitesurfing instruction for children is carried out with material especially suitable for children, i.e. small, balanced kites, small bars and small boards, small, comfortable harnesses. The weight plays a role in the choice of material.

Likewise, the teaching model must be tailored to children in general, but also to the child's stage of development (ability to concentrate, condition) in particular. This means shorter teaching units and very pictorial learning models in training theory. In the practical part, safety and fun are the main focus: We train children exclusively in individual lessons to guarantee the maximum safety of our little kite student. The attention of the kite instructor is 100% with the child. The learning speed can therefore be optimally adapted to the child, which promotes and prolongs the child's interest and concentration. The second, very important aspect in the practical part is the fun, which must absolutely be conveyed. This is the only way to ensure a joyful introduction to the new sport. Experience shows that children learn very quickly, and the safety and fun of the KBC course makes this a lasting learning success. The KBC teaching team is specially trained to train children.

The area
The kitesurfing area plays a decisive role. The water should be pleasantly warm, because children usually freeze faster: in thick neoprene, the water temperature should not be colder than 18°C, but would like to be warmer. The ground should be sandy, loamy, never stones to avoid injuries. Wind forces of 11 to 16 knots are ideal.  Our learning areas at Brouwers Dam offer good conditions for children's training.

We train children exclusively in individual lessons to guarantee the maximum safety of our little kite student.