FAQs - Wir beantworten deine Fragen
Kitesurfschulung am Ijsselmeer


Will I starve during the course?

If you have a constantly rumbling stomach, you should take a small lunch box with you in the morning. Otherwise, drinks, snacks or delicious food are available at the beach pavilions. After the course, you can eat at the restaurant at Camping Klaverweide or go out at one of the many restaurants/bistros in the area.

My partner does not kite. Does he/she have to be bored?

Even as a non-kiter, a stay at our school in South Holland is anything but boring. Here you will find a selection of activities in the region.

Do you actually know what you are doing?

The Kiteboarding Club has more than a decade of experience in teaching kitesurfing. Our instructors are all VDWS-licensed. Many members of our team are also qualified sports scientists.

What if there is no wind?

If there is not enough wind to conduct your course, you will receive a credit note for the course you have booked. The special thing about this credit note: You can redeem the value of the unused services at all our other centres.

Do all staff members speak German?

Our team consists mostly of German teachers who also speak English. We also offer courses in Dutch (please enquire well in advance).

Where do I have to be on my training day and when?

We meet on your training day at the beginning of the course (you will find the time on the website or in your booking confirmation) at the Klaverweide campsite. From here we start together.

How does the equipment rental work?

On the day of your equipment rental, we meet at 10am at the kite school on the Klaverweide campsite. There, after registration, we will hand out your kite material, which must be returned to us at the kite school from 7pm in the evening.

What happens if my rented kite is too small or too big due to changing winds?

It is possible to change the equipment during the day if the wind conditions change, but of course only if you go to the shared training spot. In order to be able to ma...

Can I park at your campsite/ Can I bring my camper van?

There is free car and motorhome parking for our guests directly at the entrance to Klaverweide campsite. If you want to drive directly through to our station, you can pick up a pass at the campsite reception.

What are our opening hours?

The Kiteboarding Club in Brouwersdam is open every day during the high season. During the course times, you can find us at the corresponding training location.

How long does the course last?

On the course we are dependent on the wind and the tide, so you should be flexible. A maximum of 5 hours of teaching per day is planned. We can officially teach until 8pm. If you wish to leave early, please discuss this with your instructor in advance.

My preferred date is fully booked, what can I do?

Please choose another date. If you would like to participate with more than one person, you can also contact us; we will gladly try to arrange an additional date for you.

We are a group and would like to have our own kite course! Is that possible?

Yes, we will be happy to set up a separate date for groups. Just send us a message and we will plan your desired course together with you.

When and where does the course start?

We meet on your training day at the beginning of the course (you will find the time on the website or in your booking confirmation) at the Klaverweide campsite. From here we start together.

What is the best way to find us?

There are directions on the website under Arrival.

How do I find the accommodation that suits me best?

If the information on our website is not enough, we can also help you find the right accommodation by phone or e-mail.

What do I need to bring with me?

The course fee includes everything you need for the course (neoprene, harness and the latest kite equipment). If you have your own wetsuit, shoes or harness, you are welcome to bring them along. Have a look at the checklist, we have listed all the necessary things there.

Can I learn to kitesurf without surfing experience?

Yes, surfing can help you learn everything a little faster, but it doesn't have to. The courses are designed so that anyone can join in, regardless of previous experience or age.

Can children also take a kitesurfing course?

Generally yes. However, it is a question of strength and weight whether a course makes sense. Experience shows that the threshold is around 12 years old, but this age is only a guideline. We can discuss the suitability of younger children with you and your child in advance.

Isn't kitesurfing terribly dangerous?

Not really! If you stick to the rules of sensible kitesurfing, you are on the safe side. If you follow the safety rules taught in the VDWS licence, kitesurfing is not dangerous. To learn the sport, however, it is essential to take a professional course.