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The new swimming pool at KBC El Gouna

25. January 2019

Spring at the KBC El Gouna will start with a great message: The KBC will be the first and only center with a swimming pool in El Gouna.

The pool is open! Great pool area between the bar, restaurant and center. The pool is 6m wide and 9m long (1.40m deep), plus 2m children's pool (25-50 cm deep).

The pool is heated and has massage jets - so even in Egyptian winter time it's a a very pleasant relaxation after kitesurfing. The entire area around it is equipped with sun loungers (30-40 pieces) and a bar. In the colder month, we keep the wide windows closed to keep it warm around the poole. Depending on the season, we remove the panes to make the climate around the pool as comfortable as possible. The lying area is mostly covered with fabric (as at the bar). On the front sides, where the lying area is extremely wide, there are suns and shade places.

For pool use we charge a miniscule service charge for KBC guests to ensure the best possible standard and service. 

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