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Beachcleaning am KBC El Gouna

Help us to keep the oceans and beaches clean

KBC Beachcleaning Müllsammeln am Kitestrand

The oceans are of fundamental importance to the climate and biodiversity and provide food for humans and animals. The state of the oceans is deteriorating dramatically due to rapidly increasing littering: an estimated 150 million tons of plastic waste are floating in the oceans. The images of sea creatures that have caught in garbage, we can not get out of the head.

As a kite surfers, we live and work by the sea and have a great concern that our beautiful workplace is clean and free from garbage. We see it as our responsibility to contribute to pollution and have launched the KBC for Clean Oceans initiative. Our goal is to keep our beaches and the sea clean, but also to reduce plastic waste. We look forward to your support, every little action counts!

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KBC Beachcleaning in El Gouna
KBC Beachcleaning in El Gouna
KBC BEachcleaning am KBC El Gouna
KBC Beachcleaning am KBC El Gouna

Many plastic waste comes through careless beach visitors, boats, but also by drifts of dumps in our seas. We can make a small contribution to the pollution at the KBC Kitestränden by regularly doing beachcleaning activities. Unfortunately, we always fish a lot of plastic waste out of the water. On windless days we inform you on site about the garbage collection actions. We are looking forward to see you! Every helper counts #kbcbeachcleaning

Project 2: Reduce Oneway Plastic Waterbottles

KBC 4 Clean Oceans Wasserflasche mizu

Disposable bottles cause a huge amount of plastic waste. Some of the KBC Centers (for example KBC El Gouna in Egypt, KBC Parajuru in Brazil or KBC Dakhla in Morocco) are located in places that do not yet use waste management strategies in the form of refillable bottles. At the same time, the tap water is not suitable for consumption, so it is dependent on the purchase of drinking water in disposable plastic bottles. At a kite center such as KBC El Gouna (with an average of 150 guests and 40 employees), around 200 empty plastic bottles arrive every day. That's 73,000 a year!

The plastic bottles end up in the garbage, when loading the Müllwabfuhr unfortunately often on the road and then at worst in the sea. We want to tackle this problem and dispense with disposable plastic bottles. The aim is that drinking water can be offered at all KCB Centers. A reusable bottle made of stainless steel can be refilled again and again at our center and has a very long life. We offer a suitable bottle in cooperation with our partner Mizu:

KBC 4 Clean Oceans Wasserflasche

KBC 4 Clean Oceans Water Bottle 780ml

KBC4CleanOceans Flasche Midnight BoardKBC Wasserflasche

from 21,95€


  • food safe
  • Single Wall Design
  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • stainless steel
  • 100% BPA free
  • 100% Recyclable

With this bottle you support the initiative KBC 4 Clean Oceans. As KBC we see it as our task to keep our beautiful workspace "the Oceans" clean. To avoid plastic waste, we start with the Mizu water bottle. This stainless steel bottle can be refilled again and again and has a very long life. An ideal size and a lightweight, perfect for home, in the car, on the beach and a sturdy companion for all your adventures.

in cooperation with mizu
You find all KBC 4 Clean Ocean Bottles in the KBC Shop or at the KBC Centre.

sustainable water bottles stainless steel by mizu
KBC water bottle laseretched KBC 4 Clean Oceans
Sustainable water bottle stainless steel at KBC Shop
Sustainable stainless steel water bottle by Mizu