Eight kite surfing schools worldwide

The Kiteboarding Club offers you professional basic and advanced training with modern F-One equipment and VDWS-certified instructors; ensuring you get on the board quickly and safely. Our aim of sustainable training means that we strive to get our students to the point of practicing independently and safely after the course.

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KBC News

11. January 2016

KBC goes Italy

We are so excited: this year the Kiteboarding Club will head to the newly discovered spot of our dreams;  a spacious and shallow, flat water area - perfect for beginners and freestyle kitesurfing. You’ll find our cosy hotel,...

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07. December 2015

KBC Portugal ist Windprofi

Unsere Erfahrungen der letzten 3 Jahre in Moledo waren sehr aufschlussreich. Wir haben deshalb für euch die Wind- und Wetterstatistik angepasst. Da das Wetter sehr variabel ist, bleibt es in Moledo immer spannend. Keine Angst,...

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